Do you want to know the how Jang Ki Yong steals the scene?

We all know Cha Eun Woo for his dashing looks and versatile qualities of being an actor and an idol.

Hey there! I hope you’ve checked out our previous Day6 article, ‘cause right now we’re going deeper into the reasons

K-Pop idol and soloist Ailee released another vlog of her visit to Manila, this time, a preview of her backstage

It is no mystery for ahgases that GOT7 are their own composers, producers, lyricists, choreographers, and many more. They are

Tony Award-winning actress and two-time Disney Princess Lea Salonga shared that she was listening to BTS and Blackpink!

Do you want to know the how Jang Ki Yong steals the scene?

VICTON includes a Manila stop in their first Voice to Alice Asia Tour.

Good Friends in Manila featured performances by Ha Sungwoon, Kim Jaehwan, and MOMOLAND on October 5 at the Smart Araneta

NU'EST released a highlight reel of all of their stops for their Segno tour, and they included the Philippines!

Filipino JWalkerz saw the return of idol Jay Park in Manila for his Sexy 4Eva tour in the country.

Filipino MOAs (TXT's fandom name) will be holding a birthday celebration and fan gathering for TXT Soobin in Manila and Cebu! TXT