The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio

If there is one word that perfectly fits The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio, we suppose it’d be “cute.”

The name of the restaurant itself is cute (bunnies are definitely cute, don’t fight us) but when this place was suggested by Aya to the whole team, more than half of us didn’t anticipate the amount of “adorable” we’d deal with. It wasn’t a disappointment—because everything was way cuter than what we expected. Bunny chairs, bunny macarons, starry ceilings, and cartoon character cakes gleefully welcoming you in their pink-purple-teal home. Perfectly Instagram-worthy (don’t worry, they have free WiFi).



The Bunny Baker started in December 2014 and since then, it has quickly become a favorite hangout place for many. And as the name suggests, it isn’t just a cafe—it’s also a cake studio where they create custom fondant cakes (look at those Disney Tsum Tsum cakes) and cupcakes, too.



When KStreet Manila visited The Bunny Baker last May, aside from the cute cake displays, we also fell in love with their food. And our first fave? Their Spam Fries (P235). It’s basically spam sticks coated in breadcrumbs served with three dips: ketchup, mayo, and mustard and are either served spicy (be careful with the spicy, it really is spicy) or not.


The rest of our meal wasn’t too fancy but they’re not too complicated for our tastes, too. We had bacon cheeseburger with potato chips on the side (P325) and kid’s mac and cheese (P175). Now we say you try the mac and cheese. The serving is relatively generous considering it’s a kid’s meal so it’s really worth the price (that or we felt like being kids again). It’s just perfectly cheesy and it melts in your mouth!



And of course we had to try what welcomed us first—gelato! Their bunny-lato (P110 to P190) is basically a cup of ice cream topped with bunny ears-shaped mallows. Flavors come in variety with clay figures on sticks in the gelatos to give you a creative idea of how the flavors are like.


We, sadly, didn’t get to try the bunny macarons because we were too full to stuff our tummies more but we promised to have them next time. So for now, have a photo and savor (more of like frustrate ourselves) in the imaginary taste these cute sweets probably have inside.

Bunny cappuccino (P125)! Too cute to ruin.

Overall, the cafe is wonderful, both in interiors and food. It’s spacious and relaxing, even during their peak hours. There is cuteness overload (if you haven’t figured it yet) but it’s the kind of overdose that we liked. Kids and adults alike will definitely enjoy the place.

The Bunny Baker is located at Unit 301, Hemady Square, 1193 E. Rodriguez Avenue Corner Dona Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City. You can check out their Facebook page or Instagram if you want to know more about them.

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