Who Are You: Zion.T!

Zion.T is one of Korea’s most promising and contemporary artists. He’s an RnB vocalist, composer and producer, who shot out to fame with his distinctive and unique voice added with groovy, jazz music. Zion.T is currently signed under Amoeba Culture with artists like Primary and Dynamic Duo. Although he’s more popularly known in the underground music scene, Zion.T has also been making waves in mainstream KPop, doing features with Infinite H, G-Dragon and Kim JongHyun, to name a few. Currently at 26, he has plenty of achievements under his belt, with MTV Iggy referring to his debut solo album “Red Light” as “Korea’s Best RnB/Soul Album of the Year” in 2013.


He debuted with his first single “Click Me” with Dok2 in April 2011, soon after Simon D asked him to collaborate on the song “Stay Cool” for the latter’s first solo album. This song paved his way to Amoeba Culture. Simon D recommended the soaring star to Primary as he was looking for a rookie to collaborate with. This was when the song “Meet” came to be and Zion.T’s career took off. Since then, he has shown off a groove that has never been seen before in South Korea, a beat overflowing with personality and various music genres like hip hop, jazz, pop, and ballad.


The talented singer-songwriter-producer is also the leader of the trendy VV:D, a hiphop crew that aims to create a new sound for the Korean music scene. The other members of the crew are Gray, Loco and Elo from AOMG and Crush. Zion.T has collaborated with the VV:D crew plenty of times, mostly with Crush. The jazz-electronic beats plus the sexy vocals has always garnered attention, not only in Korea but also internationally.

Zion.T released his first solo album “Red Light” in 2013 where he re-mastered his first single with Dok2. At the same time his title song “Babay” conquered the first places of all online music charts, earning him exceptional results for a rookie. He also fully displayed his competence as a producer through the album by personally taking part in producing the album and the music videos. His album earned the love and interest of many people because of his memorable, sexy and unforgettable beats.

Zion.T’s popularity didn’t stop there. He has also garnered the attention of many KPop artists, mainstream and underground, where he created collaborations with them. From mainstream hiphop icons such as G-Dragon, Infinite H and Dynamic Duo to pop stars like JongHyun of SHINee, Seo In Young, as well as underground rappers such as Swings, Dok2, Loquence, Jerry.K, Gaeko, Yankie Verbal Jint, and Primary among many others. Zion.T managed to stay true to himself and adds a personal touch to the songs.

With his signature RnB and jazz sound, his latest single “Eat” captures women’s hearts with its profound lyrics. The song has a strong personal touch to it, giving its listeners a feeling as if Zion.T’s personally talking to them. It talks about how he wants them to cheer up, feel better, and most of all, feel loved. “Eat” is a song that will definitely brighten up your sadder days.

No doubt that Zion.T has a bright future ahead of him, as a singer and a producer in the Korean music industry. Make sure to look out for new tracks from and created by him, this is one star that will shine brighter than he already is.

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