EXCLUSIVE: Tahiti talks about new single “SKIP” and their Filipino fans

Early this November, Tahiti came back with a new single called “SKIP” and luckily, KStreetManila got the opportunity to talk with our lovely girls about their comeback! As most of us know, Tahiti visited the Philippines in 2013 for a concert (and a couple of local TV guestings, too) so we also got them talking about how memorable their experience was with their Filipino Black Pearls!


Congratulations on your comeback with the single “Skip.” It’s been well-received by fans and a lot of people have enjoyed the cute easy-on-the-ears style song! Could you tell us more about your newest single? How would you describe this song?

Thank you so much! It was a lot fun working on this single, so glad to see that everyone is enjoying it. It’s an Electronic-Swing genre that we have not tried before, so that was interesting. The song talks about how you should “SKIP” playing games when you are in a relationship, and just passionately love each other. It’s a fun playful song.

What do you think makes “Skip” different from your other songs/singles?

We’ve tried to show our sexy and sassy side on previous songs, but this time, we tried to “SKIP” that look. No playing games. We wanted to express more of our fun, playful, and lovely side.

Was there anything special preparations you did for “Skip”?

We simply just had fun. One funny story on the music video shooting – there is a scene where Ari does a kickboxing with an actual professional Kick Boxer named Kwon Min Seok. During the shoot, she had hit him so hard that he ended up bleeding from his mouth. We had to stop and reshoot that scene.

Tahiti is one of the girl groups well-remembered in the Philippines because of your visit in 2013. What was the most memorable moment you had during your stay in Manila?

It was our first show outside of Korea and we were shocked by the audience support. At that time, we just debut so we were still in a learning process. The Filipino audience gave us so much love during the show and it was a very special moment to us. We really miss our fans in Philippines.

What are Tahiti’s plans for 2016? Do you have any plans to visit the Philippines again?

We are doing promos in Korea for the single ‘SKIP’ at the moment, but we plan to do more events outside of Korea in 2016. We really want to come back to Philippines soon.

If you will be given a chance to have a fanmeeting in the Philippines, what expectations do you have?

It’s been a while that we were in Philippines, but the fact that fans over there still remember us and cheer for us… it really means a lot to us. We want to do a fan meeting in Philippines any time. It’s going to make us really happy. Just invite us and we’ll be there!

Being an idol is not easy. There will always be difficult times and moments when you feel like the world is against your dreams. What keeps you going and moving forward? Where do you get your support?

Of course family and friend support are very important, but the most important support is from fans. There are some hard times and tiring moments during the career, but knowing the fact that there are fans in the world supporting us, in cheers us up and keeps moving forward.

What are your advice to Filipino fans who dream to be singers, artists, and idols like you?

Dream big! And do not give up if you believe in what you are doing. Don’t let anything distract you. We believe that hard work will never turn against you. Do not give up.

Any messages for your Filipino fans?

Thank you so much for giving us love and support from all the way from Philippines. I hope to see you guys very soon. We Love You!

Watch the music video of Tahiti’s new single “SKIP”!

And we got a special surprise for our Filipino Black Pearls! Check this out:

Special thanks to Warner Music Philippines and Warner Music Korea for giving KStreetManila this opportunity!

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