The First #AskAya: Time Management, Local Ticketing and Why the Heck Do Idols Wear Masks?

Hey guys! So let me share you a short story on how AskAya! came to be. My is always filled with interesting questions, and we in KStreetManila figured hey! maybe we can do this as a part of the site. So then, AskAya! was born. (Told you it was a short story). From fangirl/fanboy woes, to just plain curiosity about masks, it was certainly an interesting welcome to the cyberworld.

Now, without further ado, here are the first batch of questions:

I really can’t stand some YG fans who think that everyone should only love YG music & performances. They bring down SM groups’ performances, saying that SM groups are not known for their good stages? Seriously, not everyone enjoys party-like performances.

There are fans who think like this, and it’s a sad fact. Many of us think that the groups we like are better than the others, and more so than not, it’s a fan instinct to feel proud over the groups they are a fan of. Both YG and SM groups are unique in their own respective ways, and fans should have no need to fight over which one is better. As long as both companies release good music that will cater to the taste of their target audience, what is there to fight over? (Having said this, YG, for the love of all that’s holy, please make Winner do a comeback!)

Hi Ate Aya! I just want to ask what is the best way to get a ticket for EXOluxion, through online or personal buying? My problem is I live in the Visayas area. Thanks in advance!

My best advice is for you to set up an account online and just stay at home or somewhere with fast internet and get ready for ticket war. Honestly, buying tickets offline, lining up for /hours/ is just gonna be tiring. Just make sure you get a good internet connection so you can secure a ticket. Make sure to also have a credit card so everything will be easy and breezy. Most of all, please wait for instructions from the promoters because they will be the ones who’ll be explaining the full details! Good luck!

Can you give me some tips on time management?

Okay, I may be the best person to ask when it comes to time management seeing that I juggle a lot of things in real life. I think the most important thing to do is to set your priorities straight. Among the long list of things you have to do, ask yourself “What do I need to finish/do right now?” and then put that on first priority. The best advice I can give you is always put your real life concerns first before hobbies, or fandom. It’s a struggle, I know. I’ve been struggling to put my hobbies (K-pop to be honest) behind, but once you’ve successfully done that, time wouldn’t be a problem to manage in the long run. You can do it! Just focus on what you need to do first then enjoy your leisure after.

Ate Aya, may I ask kung bakit naka masks ang koreans/k-idols to be specific? (Why do k-idols wear masks?)

Honestly speaking, they’re the only ones who can answer your question (there are a bunch of possible personal answers!) but I can think of some reasons why they wear masks. Some idols, especially when they go out, wear masks so they may not be recognized. In Korea, it’s not a weird thing to wear masks (my sister actually pointed out a woman wearing a white mask who looked like she just got a nose job while we were riding the subway in Seoul). Another one is, for example at airports, some idols don’t have the time to put on make-up to “preserve” their image, so the easiest way to deal with it is to cover their make-up-less faces with masks. It’s also a good reason to ignore people who invade their privacy as well, since the masks hide their facial expressions. Some artists, on the other hand, are just not feeling well and wouldn’t want to infect people, but it’s kind of a rare case because let’s be real, the first two reasons are more viable.

I would like to thank everyone for sending in their questions, and if you would like to ask me anything (K-pop or Korean related, or even how you feel about your bias[!!!]) you can send it on my, and get a chance to be featured on KStreetManila! Remember to put an alias or any name you want to be called at the end of your question, or be ultimately named as “anon1, anon2, anon3..”. (I’m joking) (But not really). Until the next one, see ya <3

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