How to Save Up for Fandom

“Why can some KPop fans watch every concert in Manila while I can’t?” You’ve probably asked this yourself once perhaps out of frustration? Or…as much as we would deny it, envy? If you haven’t, then good for you. If you have, fret not. There’s nothing wrong about it because honestly, frustrations on expensive concert tickets are, for many if not all, a part of the KPop fandom life. Generally, the Filipino Kpop fandom demographic falls under the teenage category which roughly translates to the fact that a lot of the fans are still students. And when a once-in-a-blue-moon Manila stop is announced, the first stressor for most of them is ticket prices.

Saving up for fandom expenses can be a huge challenge especially when a huge chunk of the fandom population are highly dependent on school allowances. Having enough money to get tickets is never an easy process. One may have different reasons. For students, it’s probably the small school allowance. For the yuppies, it’s probably the adult life in general—phone bills, rent, transportation, food. But then, if you think about it, most if not all KPop fans are walking the same path. You are not alone in this concert frustrations!

The hardest part of saving is not the lack of resources (translation: money) or the list of expenses that never seem to end. Sometimes we try to alienate ourselves from the act (or absence of it) and forget, if not deny, the fact that the problem could probably be in us. Which explains why KStreetManila came up with a list on how to help you plan! Most of these suggestions are cliches—those you’ve probably heard from somebody, read somewhere—but these are really the most effective ones. And who knows, you might not only be saving to to meet your KPop needs. You might actually be investing a lot for your future!

  • Discipline. Self-control basically. You saw a gorgeous pair of shoes last weekend? A perfect bag on sale? It’s pretty cool to get them right? But then, ask yourself. Do you really need them? If yes, prioritize. If no, you might as well drop the idea of getting it.
  • Know your priorities. Making a list of the things you need would help you learn how to prioritize. Setting a budget for your daily needs can be a frustrating task and staying on it might be more difficult but it can help you cut off expenses so it is important to stick to it. Real life over fandom, we always hear it. Fandom merchandise—concert tickets included—usually comes at the end of this priority list but putting them there (even at the bottom) can help you see how much you can still allocate for your fandom needs.
  • Be Resourceful. School projects sometimes require a lot of materials, but have you seen that set of unused art paper at home? You can still use that, right? Check what you have at home before stepping out to buy what you need.
  • Cut Down Expenses. Do you really need to eat out every lunch? Or bringing baon with you at school or at work is a better alternative? That P180.00 cup of coffee or that P7.00 coffee in a sachet? It’s not bad to treat yourself with a large cup of frappuccino once in a while but if you’re saving up and sticking to a specific budget, your caffeine needs do not necessarily have to be 180-bucks worth right?
  • Stop Impulsive Buying. Say no to temptations! Those 30% off or Buy 1 Get 1 promo sound too enticing. Your idols’ (or fansite’s) newest photobook and calendar look pretty! Hold on. Pause. And ask yourself. Do you really need them? This brings back to our second suggestion: know your priorities. It is important to learn the difference between a need and a want.
  • Keep an Eye on the Price. You got a torn school bag so you need a new one. Does the replacement have to be a branded one worth a couple of thousand of pesos? What if there’s an alternative bag worth less but is just as good quality as your fave brand? Being practical saves a lot. Trust us, it does.
  • Credit Card. (IS A NO!) Well, not in its entirety because credit cards can come in handy but if you can settle for a debit card or cash on hand, that’d be better. Only spend what you have and don’t ask for someone else’s. Self-control. Credit cards can be useful, but it can be evil as well. An amazing credit limit is…amazing but remember that bills can bite you hard behind.
  • Stop Comparing. Just because your friend managed to get an SVIP ticket and you only have enough to get the General Admission doesn’t make your friend a better fan. Or because you know somebody else who bought all album covers you’re supporting your idols less than she does. Do not label (or judge) yourself based on financial capabilities. Just love and support your idols as much as you can and enjoy what you can have. Besides, no matter how much people compare, all fans are petty much the same in your idol’s eyes.
  • Make Your Own Fandom Savings Bank. It can be a bottle, an envelope, a recycled plastic folder; anything as long as it can keep your money safe. Set a goal and never forget to drop an amount on a regular basis. Your twenty-peso bill can be more than what you need if you keep one every day! Here are some examples of how you can have your personal fandom savings bank:

  • NEVER TOUCH YOUR SAVINGS BANK! Until it’s time to buy that precious concert ticket, or whatever fandom merchandise you are saving for. Again, first rule: discipline, self-control.

Remember, your resources might be different than somebody else’s such as let’s say your closest fandom friend. But if you focus on saving (and if you’re determined to save, that is), you might just be able to get the same ticket as your friend! Wouldn’t it be more fun to sit right next to her or him on your fave group’s concert? Always keep in mind that fandom needs do not necessarily have to be at the top of your priority list; there are more important things to spend on—a stomach to feed perhaps, or bills to pay, projects to finish, medicines to take, or tuition fee to save up for, among others. It’s just a matter of knowing what is more important than the other and a whole bunch of difficult but definitely fulfilling self-discipline. So good luck! And we hope you’ll get to save enough for you next KPop concert!

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