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The digital age is booming and we believe that most, if not all, of us cannot live without smartphones, laptops or tablets. And that “us” includes K-Pop fans. Being online almost 24/7 has already become a way of life—a huge portion of the K-Pop fandom population has accustomed themselves with it. And thanks to our friend, the Internet, K-Pop has become a worldwide sensation (well yeah, Gangnam Style, but of course it’s more than just that).

As we communicate, talk, take photos, etc. with our mobile phones, it’s not surprise that we are also learning to go digital in music. Before, we had downloads. Now, we also have streaming. Does that sound familiar? If not, well, streaming is basically accessing content right here right now using mobile data…think Youtube! We’re sure you’ve heard of Melon, Bugs and all those Korean music streaming apps and it pays to have accounts there because it helps idols reach #1 in the charts! But for an everyday alternative, Spotify may be a good solution for your music needs because believe it or not, they have a dedicated section just for K-Pop.

So what is Spotify? Spotify is a free app available on the App Store and Google Play Store which allows you to stream to over a lot of songs in its catalog and that includes a growing collection of Korean pop to Korean hip-hop titles.

Can I save these songs on my phones? If you are using the Free service, you cannot; however, it’s very affordable to switch over to premium service. There are a ton of ways on how to avail of their premium service. Just check out their site to learn more about it.

Now, let’s move on to the more important questions. First, what does Spotify offer for K-Pop fans? The music service is slowly growing their K-Pop catalog although you won’t find much of the older K-Pop albums. But fret not, they have been doing such a great job in keeping up to date with the latest and hottest songs in the genre. Which explains why we’re look forward to see more K-Pop tracks on Spotify!

Here are some of our recommended K-Pop playlists to get you through the day!

K-POP Daebak

K-Girls Rule

K-Hiphop Beats

For more playlists, just hit Browse >> Genre and Moods >> K-Pop

Second, do Spotify streams count in digital sales charts? From what we know, they don’t yet (we hope it will soon!). We understand that fans would like to get your idols to the #1 spot but listening to K-Pop and we’re not barring you from using Korean music apps to help your faves slay the charts! But Spotify would be a great alternative when it’s not so competitive anymore, right? And it’s a great way to discover new artists, too—K-Pop and non-K-Pop alike.

If you’re already using the app or just starting out, comment below with your favorite K-Pop playlist!

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