Sip Milk Tea & Much More!


The milk tea craze was so four years ago but that doesn’t stop KStreetManila from checking out things even if they’re no longer that much of a hype. Besides, we don’t think the milk tea trend will ever die—or we probably just love milk tea that much! That is why we are featuring this not-so-new but not-too-old-either milk tea shop right at the heart of Cubao—Sip Milk Tea!

Sip Milk Tea started in 2011 and has 10 branches, most of which are located within Metro Manila (but they have branches in Cavite, Baguio, and Iloilo, too). They take pride in using only two kinds of teas—green and black (they don’t have oolong or tiguanyin because they say they aren’t really good when served cold). Also, they don’t use synthetic tea ingredients and they do not brew their tea leaves! Instead, they steep. Steeping is the process of leaving tea leaves in hot water, allowing the tea to slowly release its flavors and goodness into the water creating a great tasteful cup. Amusing isn’t it? Interestingly, they have a lot to share about their tea-making process on their website (we got the link below) so make sure you check it out.


Anyway, enough of the long story and let’s get started with the milk tea.

Their milk and flavored teas (P80 to P125) are awesome. They are really. Not too sweet, not too strong but you can taste the rich flavor of tea leaves in your drink! The KStreetManila team has been here a number of times and we’ve tried varied flavors in every visit—Chocolate Milk Tea, Strawberry Chappuccino, Mango Chappuccino, Lychee Yakult Milk, and Caramel Milk Tea are our favorites!


But what we actually like the most about Sip’s milkteas is that for every large-size milk tea you order, any flavor for that matter, you get one free large Passion Fruit Tea as complement! And you heard (read) that right—it’s free! So you don’t have to worry if you want to drag a friend with you but your budget cries for only one large drink right?


Now here’s what makes Sip a lot better for us: Honeycomb Waffle and Chicken Chops.


Honeycomb Waffle (P80) is…well, basically honey-flavored waffle. So what’s special about it? Its taste and its serving size. It’s really best eaten while it’s freshly out from the waffle maker so make sure you munch on it as soon as it’s serve to you. There are puffed parts like small circular pillows all over the waffle while its flat edges are deliciously crisp. It may not look too photogenic but trust us when we say it is a must try.

Chicken Chops (P85) on the other hand are breaded chicken cut into small bite-size pieces. The breading is spicy, not the sizzling, tongue-burning kind of spicy but the flavorful kind. It can be a bit overwhelming when you eat it in succession as it tastes quite strong and can be a little too salty for one’s liking but it isn’t really bad at all! You’ll enjoy it with the right pacing partnered with your favorite tea. Although you may want to eat Chicken Chops separately, we suggest you have them together with the Honeycomb Waffle. The team thinks it’s a perfect combination!


We are yet to try their Veggie Rolls so we might be having it the next time we go there.

Overall, Sip Milk Tea is a thumbs-up place The food is good and their teas? Awesome. Also, bonus: free WiFi and sockets. You won’t say no to that, would you?

As we’ve said, Sip Milk Tea has several branches but if you’re in Cubao area, you might want to drop by at their branch located at the 3rd Floor, Farmers Plaza, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. You can check their other locations and a lot more other stuff about them on their website and Facebook page.


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