Top Ten Christmas K-Pop Songs

The longer nights have begun and the cool, gentle breeze is starting to sweep through our bustling roads. Oh, and we bet they’re dazzling with Christmas lights and lanterns now, right? Of course Christmas is just around the corner! And what could be a greater way to get going on with the Yuletide season than to set the mood through music? That is why KStreetManila has gathered what we suppose could be 10 the most wonderful KPop Christmas songs to help you get into the holiday spirit! Check this one out.

Crayon Pop – Lonely Christmas

Let’s start off the list with this fun and hyperactive song. If you are going to spend the Christmas alone (not exactly the sad kind of alone you know), this one is for you! The catchy tune and the silly choreography is guaranteed to shake off the loneliness. There’s shouldn’t be a lot of reasons for a long face this Christmas we suppose?

TVXQ & Super Junior – Show Me Your Love

What’s a Christmas playlist without a classic song? Released in 2005 (we can’t believe, too, that this has been a little over ten years old already), this TVXQ and Super Junior collaboration song is about showing love to the people we hold dear.

Navi and Mighty Mouth – Christmas Alone/Hollow Christmas

Tired of the usual Christmas songs being played everywhere you go? Check this out! Navi’s soulful voice combined with the mad rapping skills of Mighty Mouth makes up for a different kind of Christmas song.

Teen Top – Snow Kiss (눈사탕)

This song is about a couple who is going on a date on Christmas Day. Just the perfect song to keep our hearts warm and fuzzy. Just a bit of a warning though! Make sure you don’t get yourself munching on chocolates and cookies while listening to this song. Sa sobrang sweet ng kantang to baka langgamin ka o magkaroon ka pa ng diabetes.

Big Hit Christmas Sketch – Perfect Christmas

What makes a perfect Christmas? Well, the artists of Big Hit answers with this feel-good jazzy song (and we bet you’d love the cuddly baby Jungkook of BTS here)!

Ailee – A Grown Up Christmas List

Ailee’s soulful rendition of this classic Christmas song tells about an adult who writes to Santa Claus and wishes for a better world for everyone. Lovely. Just very lovely.

Starship Planet – 눈사탕 (Snow Candy)

K. Will, Sistar, and Boyfriend collaborates in this sweet as candy song that will make you want to dance around!

EXO – Miracles in December

A Christmas song that makes you feel sad? Well, EXO can get us a bit teary here but this ballad perfectly captures a lot of emotions while blending in a generous amount of Christmas feels. If you’re up for a recollection or just plainly in the mood for a ma-hugot moment before the year ends, then this song might be the best one for you!

Roy Kim – It’s Christmas Day

Christmas isn’t just about food and gifts but also sharing and giving love! Roy Kim’s self-composed song is about a guy confessing his love to his significant other on Christmas Day. Oh, isn’t it just perfectly sweet for this season?

BTOB – The Winter’s Tale (울면 안 돼)

This song composed by BTOB’s Hyunsik and Ilhoon will definitely make you feel warm and happy this holiday season! The beat and fluff combined is just adorable one could never say they have failed to give us a gleeful touch of Christmas with this song!

We have all the above songs compiled in a YouTube playlist below so feel free to listen to them while wrapping your Christmas gifts, enjoying a gathering, or preparing for your Noche Buena on the twenty-fifth!

Do you have any other Kpop Christmas songs you can recommend? Leave us a comment below and share it with us! The more songs we get, the merrier our Christmas can be!

That’s it everyone! KStreetManila would like to greet you all a Merry Christmas and we hope you’ll have a great time with your loved ones this holiday season! Cheers!

Irish Valdez
Irish is a 20-something fangirl who still dreams of receiving a letter from a famous magic school or becoming a pilot of a giant robot. She also believes that milk tea and pudding are a perfect combination. When not spazzing over her favorite KPop groups or writing articles, Irish is watching anime, or reading books. You can check out her Tumblr!

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