A Sweet, Homey Mash-up: Cafe Flafe

Ortigas has always been known as a bustling business center with popular cafes and restaurants dotting almost each of its streets. But still, there are a lot of new things to discover in this growing district and to KStreetManila’s delight, we just found a not-so-secret interesting cafe that Korean food enthusiasts will surely have to visit the soonest—a sweet, homey, come-together of flowers and cafe: Cafe Flafe.

In the northern side of Ortigas is Cafe Flafe, both a cafe and a flower shop. Yes, you heard it right, it is also a flower shop which makes the cafe a lot more interesting! Now let’s have a bit of history. The place started as a flower shop called “Cherry Berry Flower Shop.” Two years upon opening, it transformed itself into a cafe and flower shop, eventually evolving to include a lot more items in its menu other than coffee, tea, and sandwiches.

When KStreetManila visited Cafe Flafe, we were overwhelmed by the amount of food available on their menu considering that it is actually a cafe. With all this choice they must be using some great business software similar to what Salesforce recommend. They have a variety of noodles and other Korean dishes such as mandu and rice meals.They also have a good amount of mouth-watering bingsoo flavors to choose from!

We first tried their coffee (as we went there for brunch) and had cafe mocha (PHP 120 and white choco mocha (PHP 135). The serving is small, a 12-ounce cup, but it was good! Not too sweet, not too bitter and just hot enough to keep you up and around!

Then for the actual meals, we had milk ramyeon with mozzarella (PHP 150), mandu soup (PHP 170), bibimbap (PHP 170) and fried mandu (PHP 160). Now we’d say that they have a generous serving on their food! And we are glad they do have huge servings because they were really delicious! The milk ramyeon with mozzarella may look like a lactose-overdose but again, as many people would say, one should not judge a food by its looks! The fried mandus were crisp, the mandu soup was just tasty and the bibimbap? Flavorful. Definitely a recommendation.

CafeFlafe (10)
Mango bingsu

We had mango bingsu for dessert and it wasn’t a disappointment. We could say that Cafe Flafe’s mango bingsu is one of the best bingsus we have tasted so far! The family-size is PHP 250 and the solo is PHP 190. We can’t have too much of the cold dessert at that time so we decided to try the other flavors when we come back!

Of course we couldn’t simply talk about the food and ignore how the place was pretty and cozy! It may be small so it can get a bit cramped easily but if you manage to be there early, you can secure a good spot and enjoy your meal all throughout your stay. There’s also this corner just by the entrance where visitors can have post-its…well, posted, on their wall!

If you’re lucky, too, you may see the owner take a visit of the cafe. She is really nice and adorable! She asked us once if the flowers they arranged were beautiful (they were, we didn’t lie) and asked us to take a photograph of it! Here it is:

CafeFlafe (8)

We didn’t ask how much their services are for flower arrangement but if you feel like having one, go visit them and try the tummy goodies they offer as well! Cafe Flafe is located at Unit 118, Grand Emerald Tower, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City and is open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM everyday. For more info you may visit their Facebook page.

Dan Gambehttp://impordante.wordpress.com
Dan is born in the 90’s who talks a lot when he writes. He has a love-hate relationship with writing, is fond of cats, and thinks mangoes are the key to world peace. The chances of him phonezoning you lies between 80 to 90 per cent, but he’ll speak to you if you speak to him so don’t be shy!

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