#AskAya: The Bias Woes and More

Ho ho ho! Oh wait Christmas is over, but the new year is here! And with the arrival of the Year of the Monkey comes also me, who’s back once again, to answer some of your relatable fandom questions! I know a lot of us are excited for this new year! So many concerts coming up (EXO and B2ST? Oh em gee!) but that also means we need to save up. Here are some of the questions I got with the same problem we always have: money and bias.

Ate Aya I feel like crying I want to see Sehun up close but my ipon is not enough to get a good seat near the stage ;-; He’s been my inspiration for two years it will be really great if i could see him up close ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I feel really sad.

Don’t feel sad! If you got a seat for the concert, if you made the effort to save up and buy a ticket to see your bias, that’s already enough. For now you might feel like seeing your bias up close is your number one priority, but always think that it’s not the most important thing. Someday, when everything is in place, you’ll be able to see him up close. Don’t feel too bad that you feel like you didn’t do enough, feel good that you did your best. I’m sure Sehun will be happy to learn that you tried, after all didn’t he say “only buy if you can” and not to force yourself if you can’t? Cheer up! I’m sure you’ll see him closer next time. 🙂

How I wish I were you. I want to be an adult; travel and meet my bias without being a burden to my parents too, but there’s still a long time for me to be an adultㅠㅠㅠ

Patience is always the key. I think this is mostly what made me strive harder, and it can be your inspiration to study well and get a good job in order to afford everything you want when you grow older. Honestly, I wish you’ll just enjoy your youth while you’re still there because there are so many things to do while still young. Build your dreams slowly but surely, then every struggle you will confront in the future (like travelling to watch your favorite group’s concert!) will be as easy as counting one to three.

How do you deal with a mutual/friend who almost always bashes your bias at your presence? I already confronted her before but nothing has changed. Recently I saw her tweet “this girl has the shittiest taste.” I knew that was directed at me. I don’t know how to handle her.

I’m not a fan of subtweets or “parinigan”, I think those are the marks of immaturity. What I can suggest is you talk to your friend, not in a confrontational way, but in a subtle, peaceful way, in private of course. Calling a person out on Twitter is not a good thing, too, and I do admit I did it in the past. I’ve regretted it a lot. Talk to her in private and ask her if she has a problem with whatever you say, and if she denies it, tell her it’s okay to be honest with you. It’s perfectly normal to have different tastes, but the line is crossed if one person has to bring down the other. Tell her honestly what you felt, and hopefully after you have talked, this problem will be fixed and your friendship saved. Good luck!

Ah, the woes of being in a fandom. It will always be problematic but nonetheless fun. Thank you once again for reading AskAya! As always, you can always drop your asks on my ask.fm anytime. ‘Til next time!

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