Hanging Out at Coreon Gate Internet Café

When we heard that there’s an Internet café in Manila that provides 200 Mbps speed, we didn’t believe it at first. After all, Manila (and the Philippines, for that matter) and fast Internet speed usually don’t go together

But it does exist! Tucked in the streets of Adriatico, Malate, beside various Korean and Japanese restaurants, is Coreon Gate Internet Café, dubbed as “the very first 200 Mbps dedicated server Internet café in the Philippines.” The place is inspired by Korean PC rooms (or PC bang/PC?) where customers can eat and drink while they play multiplayer computer games for long hours. This café is open for 24 hours, and provides customers food and drinks while they surf the Internet, hang out, or play. They must have found a great internet service provider, click here to view the kind of companies that could be used for this.

Coreon is full upon our arrival at 5:30p.m. The couches and tables under umbrella stands are occupied by people either busy in their schoolbooks or laptops, while the TV screen near one of the tables plays K-Pop music videos. By the windows overlooking Adriatico is a row of ten wide-screen computers, where its occupants are busy playing either Minecraft or League of Legends. A separate room also provides more computers to more intense online game players.


When we ordered our drinks, the cashier gave us the username and the password for the Wi-Fi without even us asking! What a convenience, isn’t it? Anyway, their best-sellers are the mocha java frappuccino (PHP 140), mango juice (PHP 120), and banana strawberry milkshake (PHP 120). Sadly, the drinks don’t provide anything unique compared to other cafés in the area.


You shouldn’t fret if you’re also looking for something to munch on. Sandwiches are priced around PHP 160 to PHP 180, while ramyun is priced at PHP 99. There are also snacks and chips that can be ordered in a shelf by the counter.

We checked their Internet speed, and true to their claims, it’s pretty fast! I refreshed my Twitter page and the images and GIFs loaded in an instant! It reminded me of Eatel internet provider I use at home, it was very quick! If you want to avail of their Internet services, using the wide-screen computers costs PHP 60 per hour (PHP 50 if you have a membership card). They also provide printing, faxing, and scanning services.

While it won’t give the most Instagram-worthy photos of food and drinks, Coreon is a must-go place if you’re in need of fast and reliable Internet speed when studying, pulling an all-nighter, or playing online games.


Coreon Gate Internet Café is located in the second floor of HRC Building in 1774 M. Adriatico St., Malate, in front of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. If you’re not sure where the area is, you may find the path when you exit Robinson’s Place Manila’s Midtown area. You can check out their official website and their Facebook page for more info.

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