Miss Universe 2015 on Super Junior’s Siwon: “Ang gwapo niya!”

Shout out to PiaWon shippers out there! There’s something new you guys will definitely cry over!

In a casual sit-down video interview of Inquirer Lifestyle with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach on January 5, 2016, she was asked what she feels about being noticed by a lot of super stars all over the world including Super Junior’s very own Choi Siwon.

At the interviewer’s mention of Siwon, Pia broke into a bubbly giggle. With a short chuckle, she admitted that she was a big Super Junior fan when she was younger. “I think I still am now,” she continued, explaining that if she were to hear Super Junior songs, she would still remember them. And then she finally let go of her admiration as Pia said, “He’s (Siwon) very cute. Of course, he still is! Especially now.” Her voice then lowered to a mumble, not so sneakily whispering  an “Ang gwapo niya” (“He’s so handsome”) as she noted how Siwon has matured over the years.

The interview then carried on talking about other celebrities who have noticed her such as Tyra Banks, Samuel Jackson, and Eva Longoria. It’s very interesting to see though how candid and perky Pia was in the interview as she expressed her delight and told stories of her funny starstruck-moments! You can watch the full interview below:

Looks like “Once an ELF, always an ELF” holds true for our reigning Miss Universe, don’t you guys think?

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