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Bangkok, the City of Angels. Tourists liking this city is an understatement—they love it. A fusion of the old, traditional capital and the bustling modern metropolis makes Bangkok rich and vibrant. However, more than the interesting history that it holds, it is home to the mingling of a lot of cultures and one may never quickly realize, beyond the borders of South Korea, Bangkok may be the next city KPop fans should have on the look out!

Because of the huge following of KPop and Korean culture in the country, KPop stars have their own endorsements (for example: Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, 2PM’s Nickhun of course :] ) not only in Bangkok but all over Thailand. There are also a lot of KPop shows and concerts every year! If you’re looking for an alternative to Seoul for a Kpop fan trip, Bangkok is definitely a recommendation. If you aren’t convinced yet, then carry on with this article and read what we have to say about this wonderful city!

Photo taken at the GTH Star Theque Concert where GOT7 was a special guest! 
  1. KPop Stores – Just walking around Siam leads you to three KPop stores. Unfortunately, taking photos is not allowed in these stores but we’re sharing Bangkok’s secret KPop merch spots so just in case you’re in town, you can give it a visit and splurge. Here’s some of the KPop stores we found around Siam (Go down SIAM BTS and it’s the building area across the huge malls like Siam Paragon, Siam Center, etc.)
    • Gift Channel For Fans – They have two stores, one in the Lido Theater area and the other in Siam Square One. They sell a variety of both official and fanmade goods.
    • Than Music KPOP Shop – They are also located around the Lido Theater area and they mostly sell official goods. Usually, we see that they pre-order goods for fans who are likely to just pick them up at their store, but they do have quite a number of on-hand goods as well.
  2. KPop Concerts and Festivals – And we are serious when we say that there are a lot of not only concerts but FESTIVALS where you can see more than five artists in a show! Tickets (depending on the show’s partner) can be purchased through ThaiTicketMajor or AllTicketsThailand and can be easily redeemed via 7-11 (don’t worry, 7-11 is literally everywhere in Bangkok) or during the event day itself. We always find it so easy to purchase tickets and redeem because it’s quick and easy as long as you have the confirmation letter with you and the card you used to purchase. They will even provide you a template authorization letter should you need one! What’s even more fun is that tickets in Thailand come as a plastic card type ticket which is definitely a keepsake.
  3. Hostel Living – Bangkok is a great place to stay for your Kpop-filled adventure because accommodations would not break your bank account especially if you are travelling with a friend or two. At an average, a dorm bed would cost you around PHP 800.00/night while a private room in a hostel would be around PHP 1,000/night. That’s way cheaper than what you would pay for in a hotel! Our recommendation is the Lub’d Bangkok hostel. They have two branches which is in the Silom area and the Siam area. We personally prefer staying in the Siam branch as it is located right outside of the National Stadium BTS area where Siam is just a 10-15 minute walk away.
  4. Food and Cafes – Trust us, as much as they are in every corner, you won’t have to eat in 7-11 only during the entire trip. The last time we went there, we only had PHP 5,000 on-hand cash but we managed to eat good food and go cafe hopping because food is cheap! And the city debunks the thinking that inexpensive food is bad food because food is 1000000% great in Bangkok! Our recommendation is to stick to food halls like FoodRepublic in Siam Center and your PHP 500 can get you eating like a king, delicacies included. Bangkok also has a lot of Korean food places so if you want your Korean fix satisfied, it’s easy to get it in the area.

Cafe hopping for less! Bangkok offers a variety of cafe and dessert shops that won’t break your budget. We recommend visiting Hello Kitty House in Bangkok, After You Desserts Cafe and B’Duck Cafe – all located around the Siam area. Drop by for a treat before you see your favorite idols in action.

In conclusion, as a KPop fan, we love Bangkok because it offers somewhat a glimpse of what we can experience on a trip to Seoul at a lower cost. More than that, Thai people are very friendly and you’ll feel like you’ve never left home.

Got a favorite Kpop spot in Bangkok that you would like to share with us? Just leave a comment below.

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