The Fangirl Vista: Seventeen’s First Concert “Boys Wish”

For a Seventeen fan, is there any better way to celebrate the Christmas season than spending it with your fellow 3,200 fans, gathered to witness thirteen handsome boys shine on stage on their first concert?

Thankfully, luck worked in my favor and I just exactly had the best Christmas experience to date: Seventeen’s first ever solo concert, Boys Wish, last December 24 and 26, 2015! And here’s a quite compressed but fun-filled and memorable story to share to all Seventeen (and non-Seventeen fans, too) out there.

Although ticketing was very tough for me (okay, I might have lied a bit because it wasn’t a hundred percent luck for me—I got scammed twice), the hardships were all worth it: from travelling all the way to Incheon to fetch my ticket to lining up five hours to get official fandom merchandise.


Knowing I would see the very first concert of my favorite group was a mix of excitement and nervousness especially when I entered the venue and got to my seat. Excitement because I wondered what the boys had in store for us and nervousness because of…what the boys had in store for us. When lights dimmed before the show started, just as expected, the audience’s cheer became louder and the concert hall transformed into a sea of cotton candy-colored (it’s supposed to be, and actually, white) light sticks.

Seventeen indulged fans not only with their chart-topping tracks from their two mini-albums, 17 Carat and Boys Be, or special stages prepared by the vocal team, performance team and hip-hop team but also with cover performances of past hit tracks such as Friday Night, Perfect Man, One Love and Bindaetteok Gentleman!

This rookie group would never be called “monster rookies” for no reason. Seventeen did not only showcase their talents in singing and dancing but also their variety skills. With their kindergarten skit wherein Jeonghan acted as the teacher while the other 12 members acted as kindergarten students. Seventeen overflowed so much cuteness and were able to capture the audience’s hearts (as if they haven’t yet but you get what I mean)!

But the highlight of the concert, well at least for me, was when they performed 1) No F.U.N. OT13 version and 2) an unreleased song called A Quick Pace which was already made even before Adore U and Mansae, as Producer Woozi stated. Both of the songs sounded just as amazing as their previous tracks yet it exemplified choreographies in contrast to Seventeen’s usual playful dance moves. Maybe it was a hint of a more mature transformation to come, who knows?

As the concert came to an end, much to the tiny bit of disappointment of those who wanted more, the boys did not forget to thank not only the fans, but also the staff who made the concert possible. They also promised to work even harder in 2016 to show everyone even better performances! As what leader S.Coups said, “This is just the start.”


Interestingly, 2016 is starting wonderfully for Seventeen and their fans as they are set to have an encore concert on February 13 and 14 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. Now look at our boys redefining a romantic Valentine’s Day date!

There is no surprise that Seventeen’s popularity continues to grow and their overwhelming talents have started gaining a huge amount of attention. Indeed, they have become truly high caliber performers. This concert is a very remarkable experience to me, and although the concert only lasted for two-and-a-half hours, I know everything that happened will remain in my memory for quite a long time (Well, I got to high five with the members but that would mean an extremely longer story than this and one that would have a lot of fangirl feelings that cannot be transformed into words so let’s just keep this brief!).

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