She Wears, He Wears: The K-Drama Edition

While summer is making its heat felt across the Philippines, spring time is blossoming miles north of us in Korea! And although the love month is over, the spring months are still a pretty romantic season, aren’t they? Besides, love—no matter where you are, no matter what the season is—is definitely and will always be in the air.

The blossoming of flowers may be the unfolding of your wonderful love: fresh, happy, and colorful. Perfect time for dates, isn’t it? But wait, no idea what to wear for such special day? Fret not ’cause we’ve got you covered as we show you how to channel your fave K-drama pairings into your outfits—no matter what age you are.

Sung Deoksun (Hyeri of Girl’s Day) and Choi Taek (Park Bogum) from Reply 1988

Reply 1998

Ahhh, young love. As a teenager, this is probably your first date. You two are probably going to with your barkadas (or—gasp—your parents) rather than alone with each other. Keep your outfit comfortable and age-appropriate, but at the same time, something you won’t cringe at in a few years.

She Wears: Top from Terranova, jeans from Penshoppe, sneaker from Payless Shoe Source, crossbody bag from Forever 21

He Wears: Baseball jacket from Aeropostale, T-shirt from Forever 21 Men, jeans from Bench, sneaker from Payless Shoe Source

Style Tips:
For Her: Raise your arms over your head after tucking in your top or buttoning your pants over it. This pulls out just the right amount of fabric and give you that perfect looseness at the waist

For Him: When choosing a varsity jacket, pick a slim one with a ribbed neckline, waist and cuffs

Hong Seol (Kim Goeun) and Yoo Jung (Park Haejin) from Cheese in the Trap


You’re a little bit older now, but since you’re most likely college students, you’re both juggling academics, extra-curriculars, your social lives, sleep, and of course, your relationship. Go for outfits that are appropriate for the hustle and bustle of either school or a nice dinner out.

She Wears: Sweater from H&M, skirt from Topshop from Penshoppe, oxfords from CLN, scarf from Parfois

He Wears: Sweater from H&M, jeans from Uniqlo, boots from Clarks, backpack from Zalora

Style Tips:
For Her: An A-line skirt goes well with both crop tops and sweaters. Pair the skirt with a structured or fitted crop top with only a hint of skin between your top and skirt. While the fabric of the sweater should not be too thick and always tuck in the sweater into the skirt to avoid looking bulky.

For Him: If you’re trying to dress up a boot, wear pants that fall right over the ankle. But for more of a casual look, you can cuff your jeans

Tak Yejin (Gong Hyojin) and Ra Joonmo (Cha Taehyun) from The Producers

The Producers

As you both work your ways toward your career goals, you now both have the means and budget to go on dates that aren’t fast food places, movies, or the mall. When looking for a date outfit, look for pieces you can dress up or down with the right accessories.

She Wears: Jacket from Zara, maxi dress from Mango, boots from Charles & Keith, rings from Bershka

He Wears: Polo shirt from Burton Menswear, chino pants from Mango, loafer from Topman, belt from Giordano

Style Tips:
For Her: For those “what-do-I-wear” days, go for an outfit with interesting prints. Keep the rest of your look simple

For Him: The deeper, richer, tones of brown and tan shoes will much better complement a wider variety of colors than black shoes. All chinos, jeans, tailored trousers, and shorts will work with brown or tan shoes.

Ha Nora (Choi Jiwoo) and Cha Hyunseok (Lee Sangyoon) from Twenty Again

Twenty Again

Just because you have other matters (your family) as a top priority doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to neglect your relationship. You should have some alone time together. In this case, go for pieces that showcase your maturity and wisdom but don’t compromise your sense of fun and romance.

She Wears: Blazer from Banana Republic, Oxford shirt from Uniqlo, trousers from Reiss, heels from Dune London

He Wears: Oxford shirt from Gant, trousers from Zara, oxfords from John Lewis, necktie from Ermenegildo Zegna

Style Tips:
For Her: The seams of your blazers and jackets should sit perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulders, and that the sleeves hit exactly at your wrist

For Him: When tying your tie, the tip should be near the center of your belt buckle. The size of the tie knot should fill the gap between your collar

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