Did INFINITE’s Woohyun spend his vacation in Boracay?

Yesterday at KBS Music Bank interview with INFINITE for their comeback stage, fans have noticed that member Woohyun mentioned something that sounded “Boracay” which led to speculation that he went on vacation here in the Philippines! Watch the video below and listen to Woohyun at the 11:36 mark.

Seven days before their comeback, INFINITE members went on individual V App broadcasts and the first to do it was Woohyun. In his broadcast, he mentioned that after their Japan concerts he went on a vacation trip outside Korea to reward himself and spend time off alone. While he did not mention where he spent it, fans thought it was in a tropical country. He also posted a photo of him on Instagram enjoying the view of the ocean!


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It was not until the above KBS Music Bank broadcast that Filipino fans went crazy and everyone’s inner Sherlock Holmes were awakened! A fan said that Woohyun might have been to Nami Resort, a four-star private hotel and resort in Boracay.


Another fan, on the other hand, said that he might have possibly stayed at The Lind Hotels, also in Boracay, as the headboard and pillow in the V App broadcast looked similar to that of the hotel’s.

Meanwhile, Woohyun’s Instagram post was, according to this fan, taken at the Spiderhouse Resort, also in Boracay.

Filipino fans also took notice of Woohyun talking about the unstable internet connection after a fan asked him about it (8:00 mark of the V App broadcast) which, unfortunately, is something the Philippines is quite notoriously known for.

While it could not be categorically confirmed that Woohyun went to Boracay, fans were all glad to know that INFINITE were given a break to refresh before they get busy with their promotions for their sixth mini album “Infinite Only.” The mini-album was released last September 19.

So, are you convinced that Woohyun went to the Philippines? If he really did, we hope he had a wonderful vacation experience! Tell us your thoughts and comment them below.

Written by Dan Gambe

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