Sandara tweets about speaking, learning English and Tagalog

Sandara Park, also known as Dara of 2NE1, recently tweeted about how she finds it challenging to speak in English plus a throwback of how she learned Tagalog in the Philippines.

In the first tweet, Sandara said that she found it difficult to speak in English although she’s taking it as a challenge. She said that she never knew how to speak Tagalog before but now she’s used to speaking it alongside Taglish, a language that code-switches Tagalog and English and is commonly used in urban areas in the Philippines.

Sandara then followed it up with another tweet sharing how she first learned Tagalog! She said that it all started with a late-afternoon TV series back in 2004 called “Sandara’s Romance” which showed Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean dramas. She was the show’s VJ and according to her, she used to have long Tagalog spiels which helped her learn the language faster. After the show, she said “Bagong Sandara na! (It was already a new Sandara!)”

Sandara is currently a judge in a local boy band search program on ABS-CBN called “Pinoy Boyband Superstar.”

It’s adorable how she still remembers what could be a small thing for others but is a great achievement for her. You can do it Sandara!

Written by Dan Gambe

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