WATCH: ASTRO ‘Pak Ganerns’ in their 200th day celebratory video

Looks like the boys of ASTRO are still not over their Philippine experience!

Yesterday, ASTRO celebrated their 200th day since debut and did a live broadcast on V Live. They talked about a lot of things, did silly stuff (mimicking Pokemons and acting cute), wished everyone a wonderful celebration of Chuseok, and wholeheartedly thanked their fans, Arohas, for the never-ending support.

At 9:20 of the video, leader Jinjin begins talking about their experiences for the past days including their visit to Manila for a “music show.” Of course we all know it’s the MBC Music Show Champion in Manila. Eunwoo follows up with a bit of a segue on a “popular restaurant food” which we think must be Jollibee. Then he moves on to what he says is a trend in the Philippines and guess what is it? It’s the Nanay Tatay ‘Pak Ganern’ version! It’s at 10:20 of the clip below.

What do you think of Rocky and Jinjin’s version? Don’t forget to give them lots of love! Congratulations ASTRO on your 200th day!

Written by Dan Gambe

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