10 Kick-Ass Ladies in K-Dramaland

Did you know that March is Women’s Month? Which means, ladies, it’s our month! Well, every month should be our month, if you’d ask me but hey, it’s still great that we get to recognize the greatness of being a woman for 31 days straight! And so to start the celebration, how about we list down all the kick-ass women in our favorite Korean dramas? Because the world has seen enough of chivalrous gentlemen. It’s time for us to see more girl power!

Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

Who could be a better, if not the best, image of an independent, gender norm-breaking  woman than swag weightlifter Kim Bok Joo? Aside from her preference of the weights over what society calls “feminine” hobbies, she definitely enjoyed everything to her heart’s content—whether it be weightlifting, eating, or just singing loudly at the noraebang!

Yoon Myeong Ju

Descendants of the Sun

A sergeant and a doctor? Well, that’s bad-ass Lieutenant Yoon! She showed that a woman can do whatever she wanted, rise in the ranks, and not be intimidated by any men—even those in the army. My personal favorite scene is when she ordered Sergeant Seo Dae Young to not move from where he is, as a punishment. Damn, girl. Love that authority!

Geum Jan Di

Boys Over Flowers


Now, some people might disagree with me on this, but considering everything, wasn’t Jan Di just admirable? She took on not just one, but four stuck-up boys and made them see that, well, they’re just plain mean. She worked different jobs so she won’t bother her family and her eventual rich boyfriend. She didn’t lean on anybody when it comes to her problems, and though that might not be the best choice, she sure as heck showed what an strong woman was.

Gil Ra Im

Secret Garden 

Being a stunt double is no easy task, but Gil Ra Im persevered through all the men surrounding her and became the best there was. A hard worker, it was quite difficult to catch up with her, which made it difficult for Kim Joo Won to even pursue her. What I personally admired about Ra Im was that she didn’t succumb to the beautiful life a rich man was offering her; she still continued on her dream. What an inspiration!

Seon Deok

Queen Seon Deok 

What is a list of strong, independent women without a queen? That’s enough reason, honestly. Queen Seon Deok is a kween. But a young princess turned queen who became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom? Double bad-ass.

Cha Soo Hyun


The charismatic Cha Soo Hyun was a female detective who literally kicked ass. Her will and dedication to her job was not only admirable, but was a wonderful epitome of an strong woman. She was the string that held all connections in the whole drama. Being a newbie detective in the past, she fast became the go-to detective who won’t let anybody throw her to the curb.

Go Eun Chan

Coffee Prince

The lovable Eun Chan was not the typical strong female character, but as the main provider of a family composed of her little sister and mother, it makes her one of the strongest female characters in K-Drama land. She didn’t even bat an eye when she took on a job that requires more on labor, and on top of that, she made it a point that she didn’t need anyone’s help. Admirable A+ effort to be quite honest

Kim Sun / Sunny Kim


Let me just say that Kim Sun’s characters, both past and present, were great examples of a strong-willed woman. In her past, Sun sacrificed herself for the man she loved, and in the present, she punished him by not being with him. The present Kim Sun became Sunny, an independent woman who owned a chicken restaurant. All of those emotions which she carried by herself (all the while as men around her made arguably foolish decisions) made Sunny one of the strongest and independent women characters.

Kim Nana

City Hunter

Being a presidential bodyguard has its quips, more so if you’re a woman like Kim Nana. What is a tougher job than risking your life for the person who holds the highest position in the land? It may be tough, but Nana got it in the bag. Go girl!

Oh Yeon Joo

W – Two Worlds

A doctor and the daughter of a famous manhwa artist caught between two worlds. Although her character was not the typical bad-ass female you see in movies and dramas, more than anything, Yeon Joo’s strength and perseverance in keeping her father alive is, I believe, one of the most captivating characteristics of a strong woman. Hats off to you, Yeon Joo.

And there you have all ten. Not to put down all the other female characters (there are a lot!) but these women portrayed that as women, we are strong in every aspect, too. Who else do you think should be added in the list? Tell us in the comments section below as we get our drink and toast to celebrate our month, ladies!

Written by Aya Ople

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