KBS Drama “Chief Kim” cast to get reward vacation in Cebu

Looks like Cebu has now become the K-Drama vacation capital! The cast of KBS’ top rating drama “Chief Kim” will get a three-day vacation in Cebu as reward for the success of its run.

The said vacation is set in early April 2017. Its lead actor, Namgoong Min, earlier expressed his excitement, saying that he has never been awarded a vacation for a drama so this is like a fulfillment of a long-cherished dream. Unfortunately, the main actors—2PM’s Junho, Kim Wonhae, Lim Hwayong, and Namgoong Min himself—would not be able to enjoy this reward due to conflicting schedule. The rest of the cast and staff will still push through.

“Chief Kim” has only four episodes left before it ends. It is one of the top Korean dramas of 2017 so far and has been praised for its acting, storyline, and closeness to reality.

We hope that they will have a wonderful time in Cebu!

Written by Dan Gambe / Source / This article was updated on March 31, 2017 to include details on the schedule of the main actors.

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