KStreet Asks: Which male idol has the best visuals?

One of the many beautiful facts about the K-Pop industry is that it is a haven of visuals, and more often than not, it is their amazing visuals that attract us to them. Of course there are the vocals, dancing skills, and music genre, but let’s be real, the physical appeal plays a huge factor in what makes K-Pop, well, K-Pop.

Early this year, media source Ilgan Sports surveyed 100 idols to know which idols they idolize in 2017. One of the questions asked was who they think has the best visuals among boy groups. Eight boys emerged from the list and well, we just couldn’t agree more.

The results were out but KStreetManila, as always, is curious. From the boy group members who emerged at the top of the list, who do you think has the mostest bestest visuals?

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Again, this poll is just for fun. Besides, no matter the result of this poll will be, the more important thing is that our idols remain beautiful inside and out. This poll ends on April 14 so go vote for your pick now!

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