The Fan Corner: How did you get into K-Pop?

Some of us have been warned, some were not. But we are all pretty sure that just as we entered the K-Pop fandom, the chances of our escape is small. It was a blackhole—and it still is.

Most of the KStreetManila team started in K-Pop with a very simply question: “What is their name?” Remember the iconic quote “I just wanted to know their names”? Well, that pretty much sums up the start of our K-Pop fandom life. But then as we talked about our curious beginnings, we all began to ask: how did our readers enter the K-Pop fandom? Was it similar to our story? Was it different? How did fans of today fell in love with K-Pop compared to the…well, not-so-young generation of ours?

And so we asked. And you answered. And we picked the best getting-sucked-into-the-K-Pop-blackhole stories we got!

Without further ado, here’s the third installment of our The Fan Corner: How did you get into K-Pop?

1 Fandom Colors

[I am] a K-Pop fan from Albay and an incoming third year college student. I love to sing and dance to K-Pop songs. I became a K-Pop fan in 2009 when the hit song ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls was first aired on MYX. I was in fifth grade when the K-Pop trend started to spread in the Philippines. At first, I found this type of genre very amusing and pleasing to the ears because it’s what makes this genre unique. The first K-Pop group that I became a fan of was 4Minute; at that time they debuted with ‘Hot Issue.’ The song is so catchy and the dance steps are easy to learn for me. After that, I became a fan of Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Kara, 2NE1, among a few more others. But then, I stopped being a K-Pop fan for a time because I didn’t fully grasp the inner fan in me until 2010, when I came back to the fandom. The first group that I became a fan of since I returned was UKISS. My first ultimate bias was Kevin (even though he left the group, I will support him no matter what).

I became a multifandom because there wee so many groups that had good looks and talents as well. The downside of being a K-Pop fan though was that people kept asking and telling you things like, “Do you even understand what they’re saying?” or “They’ve undergone plastic surgery.” I tried to hide my true feelings not to get angry or insulted but I really couldn’t. It even got to the point that there were people who would try to tease me for being a K-Pop fan. I got angry but after a while, I got used to it.

Being a K-Pop fan for almost seven years made me inspired to earn money and try different hairstyles.This has also been my escape from stress and problems in life, although I still need to balance time between being a fan and a student. Whenever there is an upcoming test in school, I always tell myself, “I will focus on studying so that by the end of the day, I’ll be watching MVs on Youtube.” To end this confession, being a K-Pop fan is not easy. You need to be good in multitasking (studies, being with your family and friends). I thank K-Pop because my life became colorful. Because of it, I feel motivated to do the things I love.

– Sheryl

2 The List

It felt just like yesterday when I asked this trio (who used to be my seatmates and now besties in my first year in high school) to give me a list of all their favorite K-Pop songs. I didn’t know what exactly happened but I can clearly remember how they talked about this bunch of Koreans with fancy hair and colorful clothing EVERYDAY. I was already into K-Dramas since grade school but I was never interested in K-Pop music. But that time, I got curious and fascinated on what K-Pop really was. So, my friends got really excited and gave me a page of intermediate pad, back to back, with all the K-Pop songs they knew. It was crazy because there were so freaking many! I got home and nervously typed my first K-Pop song on YouTube: ‘Sorry Sorry’ by Super Junior.

I am now in my fourth year in college, a first blooded ELF, a professional multifandom, and a proud K-Pop fan. This is how I got into K-Pop and the rest was history.

– Adarna

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