Former Produce 101 trainees Addcorn and Arkay to release a new album

OFFROAD members and former Produce 101 trainees Kim Namhyung (Addcorn) and Jung Dongsoo (Arkay) revealed an upcoming album!

They said this during the mini press conference last June 26 before their special Meet and Greet event at ShowBT Studio in Makati City.

There are not much details yet but the duo, who go by Addcorn and Arkay and promote as AA, said that they are preparing for an album that will come out around August and that they already shot their MV for their upcoming release. However, they are not yet sure if they can appear in music shows.

The two will perform as a subunit for the meantime while plans for OFFROAD are still underway.

Meanwhile, Daewon, Habin, and Harang, who are spending time in Osaka, Japan together, cheered a lot for Addcorn and Arkay during their Produce 101 stint.

“They did not give comments on our performances,” Addcorn said. “Rather than giving comments, they cheered on us.”

AA said they gained more confidence after Produce 101. “We became more confident with the kind of music we are doing now,” Addcorn said.

“There are more people cheering for us now, so that also gave us confidence,” Arkay added.

While trainees in Produce 101, Addcorn said it was fun and memorable. A particular memory that stood out was the “Pick Me” performance.

“It’s quite difficult to gather everyone as there are so many of us. We have to meet each others’ schedule and practice depending on our availability,” Addcorn relates. “Once we’re complete, you can see the varying levels of ability of individual members.”

As this is their third time visiting the Philippines, Addcorn named crispy pata as his favorite local delicacy and expressed desire to eat the dish again.

Arkay, on the other hand, said he missed the Filipino fans. “When we performed in ShowBT Night, there are so many fans cheering for us.”

AA will hold a special hiphop workshop on June 28-29 at ShowBT Studio and a mall show at SM City Rosario on July 2.

We would like to thank ShowBT Philippines for this chance to meet AA!

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