K-Drama Essentials: 6 Accessories Almost Every Leading Lady Has

Who doesn’t want to feel like a K-drama leading lady? With handsome oppas vying for her affection and tons of romantic moments set against picturesque scenery, she lives a life most girls dream of having. Whether you have a dashing oppa or a blooming love life to match or not, you can still channel your inner K-drama leading lady through your outfits.

The Classic Ring

An elegant ring that dazzles just right increases your outfit’s chic factor. Whether it is an engagement ring, a promise ring, or any other kind of ring, pieces with unique details make any look more stylish.

Sunny of Goblin

Just like the quirky yet feminine Sunny of Goblin, add a romantic touch to your getup by putting on a pretty ring. When choosing one, you may opt for the classic band or a dazzling statement bling. Bands in gold or silver are ideal for everyday wear and go well with any outfit. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then a bigger bling will be perfect for kicking a jeans-and-tee outfit or office uniform up a notch.

The Dainty Pendant

K-Drama classics like Boys Over Flowers and You’re Beautiful, to name a few, showed that putting a necklace on her is also oppa’s favorite way of saying “saranghae” and “neon naekkoya.” Dainty silver pieces are your fave K-drama oppa’s go-to present for a surefire romantic gift-giving.

Geum Jandi’s pendant from Boys Over Flowers

Copping Geum Jandi’s simple-girl charm is easy with sparkly pendants that aren’t over the top. Pair it with sweaters, knitted tops, and turtlenecks to score that K-drama look, or wear it with dresses and ruffly blouses if you want to go ultra-femme.

The Tress Dressers

K-Drama leading ladies know how to rock their tresses by dressing them up with cute and colorful hair clips and hairbands. Pulling off quirky looks that catch oppa’s eye is a breeze, thanks to these trusty tress dressers.

Kim Pilsook of Dream High

The schoolgirl look is popular among K-Drama fans. Quirky characters like Dream High’s Kim Pilsook stand out by wearing cute hair accessories with their uniforms. Hairbands and eye-catching clips give contrast to a neutral-hued or monochromatic outfit, so spice up your look with laces and bows on your tresses. If you prefer a more conservative or minimalist look (or if your school has a dress code), thin hairbands with bead or metal embellishments make great alternatives.

The Statement Necklaces

While we’re used to leading ladies with child-like enthusiasm and amusingly cute antics, some K-Drama women give off the powerful and professional air. Of course, you can’t expect anything less than stellar yet spunky pieces to be part of these women’s outfit essentials.

Yoo Seyoung of Temptation

Temptation’s “Woman of Iron”, Yoo Seyoung, shows what a power woman is made of with her sense of style. Nothing spells girl boss and hotel heiress better than her statement jewelry, especially the neckpiece, which give off an edgy yet refined appeal. Perfect for her personality. Statement neckpieces are a great match for corporate wear. Finish off a button-down and pencil skirt combo, or a sleek bodycon dress with heels getup, with similarly bold yet classy necklaces. You may also glam up casual looks with them for your nights out with the girls.

The Effortless Hat

When she’s about to meet the man of her dreams on a yacht, during a vacation, or an all-important business trip, the K-drama leading lady has a hat on ready. Feminine and easy to match with any outfit, putting on a hat is an excellent way to up your style game.

Lee Yeonjae of Scent of a Woman

Take it from Scent of a Woman’s Lee Yeonjae. Hats complement her trademark breezy fashion sense and upbeat personality very well. Sporting an equally summery look for your travels, or even daily escapades, won’t be a problem with solid-colored and embellished hats. Wear them with maxis, your favorite off-shoulder tops, culottes, and even shorts, for that day-out effect.

The Whimsical Flower Crown

And when she finally walks down the aisle to wed her beloved oppa (or ahjusshi, in the the Goblin’s bride’s case), the K-drama bride looks radiant with a flower crown to complete her look.

Ji Euntak of Goblin

Ji Euntak’s bridal style reflects her fuss-free, whimsical, and ever-blooming persona and fashion sense. But, unlike Euntak, you don’t have to wait for your wedding day to sport a pretty flower crown. Wear one to events like parties and festivals, and use it to top off flowy dresses and sandals.

Emulate the K-Drama leading lady’s style with these finds. Get them at N.Cat stores, and mall bazaars in Market! Market!, Farmer’s Cubao, and Greenhills, among others. Pick out your favorites, catch some eyes, and steal a few hearts in no time.

Contributed by Den Noble, a 23 year old freelance social media manager, writer, and marketing consultant from Quezon City.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended to be a general resource and is not a sponsored post. KStreetManila is not affiliated with N.Cat stores.

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