Korea notices Pinoy ‘Goblin’ look-alike

Filipinos bitten by the Goblin bug have noticed the Gong Yoo look-alike KFC crew member, and has now reached the radar of K-netizens (Korean netizens)! Following the positive remarks of locals both on Twitter and Facebook, K-netizens caught site of the well-loved actor’s Filipino look-alike.

Screenshot of news about the KFC staff member Goblin look-alike, Michael Cordova, posted on Korean search portal Naver

K-netizens commented “He does look like Gong Yoo, it’s kinda funny,” “He looks like Gong Yoo, but different feel?” and “Honestly speaking, he does look like Gong Yoo.” Others also took notice of how he looked similar to other Korean artists like Kim Gookjin and Produce 101’s Jung Sewoon.

Either way, this Gong Yoo look-alike definitely captured the interest of both local and Korean citizens!

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