KStreet Asks: Who is the best K-Pop main dancer?

One of the many talents fans look for in a K-Pop group is dancing and while idols generally are good dancers, there are some who just excel so much in this field: the main dancers. They are the soul of the group’s moves, bringing out the energy in every step, roll, and perhaps even hip thrusts!

And so in today’s KStreet Asks, we want to know who you think is the best of the best among this list of K-Pop dancers?

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This poll is simply for fun and there is no intention to leave out other dancers or to categorically determine who the mostest bestest dancer to ever exist is. So let’s keep our chill and have our pick on who we think defines (or redefines) dancing in the K-Pop world!

The poll ends on June 21 so share this with your friends and tell them to vote!

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