To All the Girls We Loved Before: SISTAR

Having been following the K-Pop scene for a long time, we at KStreetManila have seen the rise and farewells of many artists. We remember their monumental debuts, their hit songs, and their iconic styles. They were the ones who paved the way for many acts we see today. “To All the Girls We Loved Before” is a tribute to the iconic girl groups that make K-Pop what it is today.

We are Mighty Sistar

Most K-Pop groups make their debuts through music shows, but that wasn’t the case for Sistar., They made their first appearance as a group in Ceci magazine in April 2010, which described Sistar as “style icons with a new culture code with their unique music, choreography, and fashion”. Finally, on June 3, 2010, Hyolyn (Kim Hyojung), Yoon Bora, Soyou (Kang Jihyun), and Son Dasom made their debut with the catchy “Push Push.”

Immediately after, the group returned with “Shady Girl,” with Super Junior’s Heechul appearing in the music video. However, it was only during a fancam of Bora falling onstage in the middle of a performance and finishing that people started paying attention to the group. The rather unfortunate accident turned into the girls’ shot to stardom. After releasing their third single, “How Dare You,” the group earned the “Newcomer Award” and their first music show award on Music Bank.

Sistar took the sexiness meter to the next level when members Hyolyn and Bora debuted as a sub-unit called Sistar19 with “Ma Boy.” Their rise to fame continued when the group came back with the Brave Brothers’ track, “So Cool,” which became the inaugural number one song on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart.

The girls topped the digital charts one release after the other – be it as Sistar19, collaborations, or as solo artists. Soyou sang for some famous Korean dramas like “Empress Ki,” “Love in the Moonlight,” and “Goblin.” But her most note-worthy solo release was her collaboration with Junggigo for the gush-worthy “Some.” Hyolyn also had her share of releases like “Lonely,” “One Way Love” and “Paradise.” Bora and Dasom, on the other hand, tried their hand at acting.

Last May 22, our hearts broke with the sudden news of Sistar’s disbandment after seven years. Their last group release, “Lonely”, was accompanied by a music video that showcased the group’s friendship amidst controversies and individual projects. They also said their farewells in music shows with their string of summer hits.

Impact on the K-Pop Scene

From Soyou’s weight loss to Hyorin’s and Bora’s gorgeous tans, it only fits for them to be called Queens of Summer. Their 2012 release, “Loving U,” paved their way for more iconic summer releases like “Touch My Body,” “I Swear,” and “Shake It.”

Other than being Queens of Summer, they proved to be Queens of Dancing in High Heels. Sistar challenged girl group standards by practicing in high heels even while they were trainees. Wearing high heels can be painful, but they contributed to the girls’ gorgeous legs and sexy choreography.

Sistar’s bodies weren’t just for performance as proven in their multiple gold medal wins from the Idol Star Athletic Championships. In their yearly participation, they always took home medals from the track and field and archery events.

The Philippines was fortunate to see Sistar as a group as they headlined the Philippine K-Pop Convention 6 back in 2014. Sistar brought the house down when they tried their hand at bekispeak (gay lingo), which we never thought would turn out so hilariously sexy. The girls were game for anything as they competed dancing to Ryza Mae’s “Cha Cha Cha” and dressed up fans using crepe paper.

Video credit: Starship Heart

Sistar are stars in their own right. Although we would want to see more of them as a group in the future, we cheer them on for their individual activities.


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Written by Clara Palma and Cheska De Ocampo 

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