EXCLUSIVE: B.I.G. loves the Philippines’ energy, wants to go to Boracay

Last July 8, KStreetManila got the opportunity to talk to one of the artists from the Super Pop Con 2017 lineup, the boys of B.I.G.! It was a one-on-one exclusive interview and from our conversation, we could say that the boys had a lot of fun in the Philippines, are excited to see more of our country, and are one of the most adorable, nicest, and talented boy bands K-Pop fans need to check out.

What was your initial reaction when you learned that you are going to the Philippines?

Heedo: It’s our first time visiting the Philippines so we were really nervous. We wanted to show our very best so we prepared so much while we were in Korea.

Minpyo: Since our debut days, we’ve been receiving messages to come to the Philippines, and finally, we managed to come all the way here, so it feels good.

B.I.G’s Minpyo during the exclusive interview with KStreetManila

What expectations do you have for your Filipino fans and did it change after last night’s concert?

J-hoon: More than expectations, we just absolutely want to see our fans. We really were wondering how their reactions would be. Filipino fans’ energy is really the best! So when we were performing, we were in such great moods. We were thinking how great the reaction would be when we do our solo concert here this September.

What do you think makes B.I.G special, like what sets them apart from other K-Pop groups?

Gunmin: The thing that makes B.I.G special is…of course, if there are no fans, we wouldn’t be able to exist. It’s our fans, Beginning, who made us special. They’re the ones who support us and listen to our songs. That’s why I think they made us special. The reason is definitely our fans.

If you were given extra time to spend here in the Philippines (like a vacation), what do you want to do?

Benji: Me! Oh wait [gives Minpyo the chance to talk].

Minpyo: I want to go to Mall of Asia!

KStreetManila: You were there last night!

Benji: Oh, last night, but he was talking about, like, we didn’t get the chance to explore the actual mall. We were at the Mall of Asia Arena so… [anyway] we’re always talking—before going to the Philippines—about places where we want to go. One of the places I really want to go to is Boracay [laughs] because it’s nice, there are beaches…you can just imagine you’re sitting like this [leans on his seat] with cocktail drinking, getting a little tan. I really want to go there.

Benji posing for our camera!

J-Hoon: As for me…I’m interested in DJ-ing, and the Filipino people are so passionate. I heard there are many clubs and similar places here in Manila.

KStreetManila: Ooh, that’s nice.

J-Hoon: [in English] Manila is a very hot place [laughs].

Any K-Pop artist you look up to?

Heedo: I look up to our senior BIG BANG a lot. They’re composed of five members, and so are we. Their music is just something that’s great, we also want to be cool artists like them.

More photos will be uploaded on our Facebook page, so make sure you visit us there!

Missed them at the Super Pop Con 2017? Fret not because B.I.G will return to the Philippines on September 2, 2017 for ‘The B.I.G.INNING – B.I.G Asia Tour in Manila’ at the Music Museum! For more information, visit All Access Production and follow their posts. Tickets are already available at SM Tickets and Ticket World.

Dan Gambe
Dan is born in the 90’s who talks a lot when he writes. He has a love-hate relationship with writing, is fond of cats, and thinks mangoes are the key to world peace. The chances of him phonezoning you lie between 80 to 90 per cent, but he’ll speak to you if you speak to him so don’t be shy!

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