BEYOND PRODUCE101: Things you probably didn’t know about ‘AA’

Former Produce 101 trainees and OFFROAD members Addcorn (Kim Namhyung) and Arkay (Jung Dongsu) are now promoting as a duo called “AA!” A few days, they finally released their newest single, FLEX, the first since they joined Produce 101 Season 2. And we’re enjoying it so far!

Now that they’re back in the scene, we thought it would be fun to share to you what they told us went to the country two months for a Meet & Greet event! They gladly answered some questions from the media and fans, including some from us. Here are some of the things you probably don’t know about the hip-hop duo:


  • He is refreshed at the view of the sea so if there’s one place in the Philippines he wants to visit, it’s Boracay.
  • He had a difficult time memorizing some of the choreography during Produce 101 because there are so many trainees who practice together.
  • He is close with co-trainees Kang Dongho and Lee Woojin.
  • Aside from Addcorn, he thinks the best rapper of all Produce 101 trainees is Woo Jinyoung.
  • He is so fond of his nephew Jinhu and reports that even though the kid looks like an angel, Jinwoo is actually a prankster. He also shared that Jinwoo started walking recently.
  • He would like his future girlfriend to call him yeobo.
  • Even though we all know he is a cute smol bean, he dislikes doing aegyo.
  • For him, a charming girl is someone he can talk easily with.
  • He prefers movie dates and would choose to watch a romantic movie with his date.
  • For him, the top five trainees who should have made the top 11 are: Kim Jaehwan, Lee Daehwi, Kang Daniel, Ong Seungwoo, and of course, Kim Namhyung.


  • His screen name is Addcorn because he likes corn.
  • He likes eating cheese corn and keeps asking the ahjumma in the restaurant to add corn so his friend told him he should use Addcorn as his stage name.
  • According to Arkay, he has a habit of using his phone while sleeping so Arkay is not sure whether he is watching movies from his phone or sleeping.
  • He has a lot of energy and is a lot noisier than Arkay.
  • He would like to join Show Me The Money again as he couldn’t showcase all his rapping skills in Produce 101.
  • He said he can’t do aegyo because he’s a rapper, and as a rapper he should have more swag than aegyo (but complies with aegyo requests anyway).
  • He is close with some Produce 101 trainees including Taehyun (who is the same age as him), Im Youngmin, and Woojin.
  • He reveals that he still talks to them.
  • He is sad Kim Samuel got eliminated as he thinks Samuel should have made it to Wanna One’s final lineup.
  • He likes Jake from Adventure Time.
  • He would like his future girlfriend to call him honey.
  • In songwriting, he is mostly inspired by the present situation and social issues he reads about in the internet.
  • He thinks G-Dragon is a genius so he wants to collaborate with him someday.
  • He also looks up to E SENS.
  • His favorite Produce 101 song is “Pick Me” and shared that he could hear the song even when he eats, showers, or sleeps.
  • For him, the top five trainees who should have made the top 11 are: Lee Woojin, Lee Daehwi, Park Woojin, Kang Daniel, and Joo Haknyeon.

Now, time to watch the cool and refreshing music video for their newest song, FLEX!