EXO-inspired #KoKoBopChallenge trends in PH, makes it to national TV

What seemed to have started from a mixture of fan creativity and boredom may now be the next big thing on social media, all thanks to EXO-Ls and EXO’s newest single, “Ko Ko Bop.”

#KoKoBopChallenge ranks second in Twitter Philippines’ trends as of 3:00 PM local time

In the August 7 episode of popular Filipino noontime show “It’s Showtime,” comedian and TV host Vice Ganda did the #KoKoBopChallenge which included dancing the quick hip thrust succession choreography, a signature move of EXO’s 2017 comeback song, “Ko Ko Bop.”

They did it at least twice throughout the show.

The #KoKoBopChallenge began trending yesterday on Twitter when a dance crew posted a video on YouTube doing the same challenge in various public places. It caught up on many fans and since then has trended on Twitter and other social media sites.

Some fans even got their parents doing the challenge!

The trend has also reached China, according to this tweet:

Do you think #KoKoBoPChallenge is the next big dance craze on the Internet?

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