Girl group A.De makes it happily loco at KOCO

The grand opening of KOCO Fusion Restaurant’s first branch at the Robinsons Tera Tower in Libis, Quezon City was one of a kind. Although they had their soft opening on August 3, on the D-Day, on August 15, they invited a group of special people to become one-day staff members, merrily serving the newly made fans of the equally fresh restaurant—2ABLE Entertainment’s girl group, A.De.

A.De debuted in June 23, 2016. Currently, they have six members–Suyeon (the leader), Yeorin, Jiseo, Rachel, Haeyoung, and Miso. Luckily, KStreetManila was given the chance to talk to them exclusively for a one-on-one interview. There, we gathered some facts about A.De that fans might want to keep in mind, or refresh if they have already heard of them:

1. Half of A.De was in Produce 101 Season 1.

Suyeon, Haeyoung, and Miso joined the first season of MNet’s talent reality show Produce 101. Being a survival reality show, the three remembered how everyone was competing with one another. Talking about their experience, they said that they had to learn the song Pick Me; however, they were given just one day to practice so they had to sacrifice sleep. They said it was the most memorable. Although they didn’t make it to the top, they were happy to have had been part of the show, as it helped them improve and deliver better live performances.

2. And half of them have been to the Philippines earlier, too!

Half of the members were here last month: Suyeon, Haeyoung, and Miso. They came to the Philippines for a fanmeeting, alongside labelmate Joo Won Tak, making this their second time here. Meanwhile, the other three members, Yeorin, Jiseo, and Rachel said that it’s their first time here.

3. Seeing the Pagsanjan Falls was a memorable Pinoy moment for them.

A day before the restaurant grand opening, A.De went on a trip to Laguna to relax where they saw the majestic Pagsanjan Falls, making it their most unforgettable experience in the country so far. They also ate Filipino food and said that their favorites are chicken and pork barbecue with rice.

4. A.De is multi-faceted, multi-talented girl group.

Each member has her own special characteristic–her own flavor, so to speak. Together, they can take on different concepts; thus, able to show fans different parts of themselves when they perform.

5. If they could, A.De would spend more time with their fans.

If they were given the chance to spend one whole day with their fans, they would love to go to the amusement park with them. Shopping and going on food trips are also on their must-do list!

For half a day, A.De then carried on to assist KOCO Fusion Restaurant, serving food to both their and the restaurant’s fans.They were also glad to take pictures with them and give autographs! If you missed this, don’t worry because we got the stills to keep them in your memories!

KOCO Fusion Restaurant is open from 7:30 AM to 11:30 PM. They mainly cater to the employees working in the building’s many offices, and this makes their menu quite affordable, ranging from 55 PHP to 145 PHP.

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