Jay Park officially out of PH charity concert in September

It is official: Jay Park is no longer coming to the Philippines to join the ‘Unite + Shine Benefit Bash’ on September 16.

On August 3, Acts of Kindness (AOK), the non-profit organization behind the concert, posted on their Facebook page that Jay Park “might not be able to come” to the said concert “due to personal unforeseen circumstances.” However, on August 4, AOMG released a statement on Twitter (and also Facebook) stating that “[they] had no discussion with anybody beforehand about [the said] concert” and that information regarding Jay Park’s attendance was never discussed with the company.

Full screenshot of AOMG’s statement regarding Jay Park’s attendance to the charity event on September 16, 2017.

A few minutes later, AOK refuted the statement and said that Jay Park was informed of the event and that he “did know he was going to appear” in the concert. They said that “AOMG definitely had prior knowledge of the event.”

The conflicting statements confuse a lot of people, including fans who were looking forward to Jay Park’s appearance. Nevertheless, AOK reassured that refunds will be processed “right away.”

We hope this will be resolved the soonest!

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