This Month’s Beat: NU’EST

This Month’s Beat is no new face in the K-Pop scene. In fact, they debuted along with immensely popular groups in 2012 such as EXO and B.A.P. However, it was only in the second season of the Mnet’s reality show, Produce 101, where the world took notice of them. The inclusion of JR (Kim Jong Hyun), Ren (Choi Min Ki), Baekho (Kang Dong Ho), and Minhyun (Hwang Min Hyun) caused a stir, but catapulted them to stardom.

Their name stands for NU (new), Establish, Style and Tempo. Or simply called, NU’EST.

NU’EST was formed by Pledis Entertainment, who also produced established names like Son Dam Bi and After School. Anticipation was high because they were Pledis’ first boy group. Their debut song, Face, which tackles bullying as a serious societal issue, was off to a great start in the charts. In addition, Ren (Choi Min Ki), gained a lot of attention for his androgynous look.

Trying to gain momentum, the group released song after song – Action in the later half of 2012, Hello and Sleep Talking in 2013. However, none could make it in the Top 50.

Finding no domestic success, Pledis tried to tackle neighboring markets such as China and Japan. Although NU’EST had everything that a top tier boy group can have, Pledis’ artist mismanagement and poor marketing strategies put the group in silence.

With thousands of eyes glued on Produce 101 Season 2, NU’EST (excluding Aron) showcased their all for a second chance. Their hard work in the show eventually pulled off as their previous releases, particularly Hello, topped the charts and nominated in a music program.

On July 14, NU’EST rehashed Hello into a mellow and sentimental ballad as a thank you gift to all their fans, L.O.Λ.E. With Min Hyun promoting as a member of Wanna One for a year , NU’EST will surely be making a comeback later this year but will be temporarily named as NU’EST W (the “W” stands for “waiting for Min Hyun”). On July 25, NU’EST W released a special single If You with the rap part specially penned by JR.

More than giving us great music, NU’EST has proved that life can give multiple chances. We are looking forward to the group’s rebirth and we wish all the best to their future!

Curious about NU’EST? We recommend you to check out their other releases like Fine Girl, Good Bye Bye, I’m Bad, Overcome, Love Paint (Every Afternoon) and Daybreak (sung by Min Hyun and JR).

What do you think about NU’EST? Share us your comments below!


Cheska De Ocampo
Always up and about, Cheska was once asked if she always meets different people every single day. Well – not always – but almost because it is part of her job description and because she is actively involved in church. Having the opportunity to join KStreetManila, she combines two of her loves – writing and Korean culture. During her downtime (which somehow rarely happens), she is either scrolling through Twitter, writing for her blog, trying to be fit, reading a good book, or appreciating beauty and fashion.

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