5 Big Moments in The B.I.G.inning in Manila 2017

Five-member B.I.G. (Boys in Groove) charmed the hearts of Filipino K-Pop fans when they appeared in Super Pop Con held last July. On September 2, they returned to the Philippines, which was the first stop of their The B.I.G.inning Asia Tour. The boys promised an energetic concert to match the energy of the Filipino fans, and we weren’t disappointed. Here are the highlights of The B.I.G.inning in Manila:

1. The mind-blowing performances

B.I.G. weren’t kidding when they said their performances for the concert will be energetic. They started the concert with their hit single “Aphrodite,” music powerful enough to start hyping the crowd. Throughout the concert, they performed more of their songs “Taola,” “Hello,” “1,2,3,” “Between Night n’ Music,” ‘Are You Ready,” and “Strange.” They capped off their concert with their latest song “Hello, Hello.”

2. The fun question-and-answer and ment

B.I.G. held a question-and-answer portion at the first half of the concert, picking questions submitted by fans a few days prior. It was the perfect chance for the fans to get to know B.I.G. better, and they weren’t disappointed. JHoon and Gunmin shared the times of days they felt handsome (JHoon said he feels handsome when he has makeup on, while Gunmin said he feels handsome when he sweats!), and the rest of the members shared what they do as soon as they wake up (Gunmin said he looks for Heedo, who is out shopping as soon as the day starts). Heedo also showed his freestyle rap skills.

The members made fans more comfortable by goofing around in their ment. They talked about the food they loved—Benji especially loves Jollibee and adobo. They also couldn’t stop talking about the energy of Filipino fans, which they had seen at Super Pop Con. Their stop in Manila will certainly be a night to remember.

3. The special stages

B.I.G. are talented, both as individuals and as a group, and they certainly showed it in their special stages. Benji performed first for their special stage, entrancing the fans with his violin skills. JHoon and Gunmin later joined him to sing their version of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” Minpyo and Heedo gave a special rap performance.

JHoon mentioned in a previous interview with KStreetManila that he likes to DJ, and he finally got to show his fans his DJ skills in his solo stage. Music Museum felt like a club as he filled the venue with EDM beats, with the fans jamming along. His fellow members joined him for a bit when “Uptown Funk” played, Gunmin returning afterward to perform Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You.”

The final special stage involved all the members dancing to several songs, culminating with iKON’s “Dumb and Dumber.” In a video played prior to the special stage (more on that later!), B.I.G. shared that they have worked hard to put together this special stage for the fans.

4. The funny and heartfelt videos

Videos in between performances usually serve as intermissions before the next song, and the ones played during The B.I.G.inning in Manila were certainly worth noting. The first video was a skit of Heedo asking his fellow members how to impress a girl. It gave us a sneak peek into B.I.G.’s dorm life, and it gave the fans lots of laughs.

The next video before B.I.G.’s special stage was about the members brainstorming for said special stage. It ended with each member’s thoughts of being in B.I.G. The most memorable words from the video were from Gunmin, “I am an only child, but now I have four brothers with me.” I’m not crying, you are!

5. The sweet fan projects

A concert will not be complete without fans surprising their idols with projects of their own, and Filipino B.I.G.innings did not disappoint. First, they threw green and white paper airplanes when the boys sang their ballad “Can You Hear Me.” Then, just as B.I.G. was about to wrap up the concert, they were surprised with a video from Filipino B.I.G.innings, after which members of the fan club came up the stage to give them cake and a box of gifts. The boys were very touched by the gesture.

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We would like to thank All Access Production for inviting us to attend The B.I.G.inning in Manila. 🙂

Photos by Trisha Yalung

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