When K-Pop meets Doo Doo Doo the Baby Shark Dance!

Last month, we saw #KoKoBopChallenge make it to the list of Philippine trends and even on national TV. This month, we seei a new trend on the rise — the Baby Shark Dance!

The Baby Shark Dance has been making waves on social media and there are many Filipinos creating their own versions of the dance.

The Baby Shark Dance is actually a children’s song by Pinkfong!, a popular character among Korean children. The song has long been popular among Koreans, but more people have been singing, dancing and talking about it!

Wondering if any of your favorite K-Pop artists have done it too? We have compiled videos of some of the most adorable K-Pop artists covers of the Baby Shark Dance and we just can’t help dance along!


Red Velvet


Monsta X


Sunny of Girls’ Generation


What do you think about the Baby Shark Dance Craze? Have you tried the trend too? Share us your dance covers in the comments!