Countdown to #KPopRepublic2: Catch Up with GFriend

K-Pop Republic is happening in less than two weeks, and familiar faces will be coming back to grace the Philippines. They’re none other than Korea’s rising girl group, GFriend!

GFriend debuted in 2015 under Source Music with the members Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. Since debut, the group has gone to win several rookie awards and garnered several wins in music shows. The girls have impressed Korean and international audiences with their catchy tunes and precise, knife-like choreography. (For a more detailed background of GFriend and its members, read our previous feature about them here.)

GFriend is no stranger to the Philippines, having been in Cebu for One Fine Day. Last year, the girl also got to bond with Filipino Buddies in their L.O.L. Manila Showcase. (Read our feature about it here.) A year has passed, and we are sure they have so many new things to offer when they come back to Manila. Here’s what we hope we’ll see from the girls in K-Pop Republic 2.

GFriend was first known in their debut as the group who revisited the innocent schoolgirl concept, matched with catchy upbeat tunes and sharp, “knife-like” choreography. We’re looking forward to them to perform some of their schoolgirl-concept songs such as Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, and Rough.

Since debut, GFriend has branched out from the schoolgirl concept, though their concepts still give off femininity and innocence in songs such as Navillera, Love Whisper, and Summer Rain. We anticipate the girls to perform the latter two, their most recent songs, although we honestly hope Navillera will be part of the set list for its upbeat, retro feel.

If there’s any performance we’re anticipating in the set list, however, it’s their song Fingertip, released early 2017. GFriend took on a fiercer, more mature concept, donning military-styled outfits. The song itself is different from their usual concepts, the music a fusion of a bit of rock and disco in between catchy tunes. It’s going to be one lit performance if they ever perform this in K-Pop Republic 2!

With GFriend being known for their difficult choreography, we’d like to see them perform their songs ala Weekly Idol twice (or thrice) the speed challenge. The girls have shown to slay their choreography despite twice or thrice the speed, so we hope to see them slay it again at K-Pop Republic.

Of course, as there are games and activities in K-Pop Republic 2, we’re anticipating GFriend’s interactions with the fans. The girls have proven to be experts of aegyo, and their moments of cuteness and fan service will delight Filipino Buddies.

Any Filipino Buddies out there? What are you expecting for GFriend’s next visit in the Philippines? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch Gfriend at K-Pop Republic 2, happening on October 28 at Circuit Event Grounds in Makati. Tickets are available in all Ticketnet outlets.

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