Halloween Costumes K-Pop Style!

Got a Halloween party coming up and you still have no idea what to wear? Your fave K-Pop artists have you covered. With different kinds of plots and concepts, there’s bound to be several costume ideas to suit your style.

Better Blood-Suckers Than Twilight

Vampires are no doubt one of the most popular costumes for Halloween or for K-Pop concepts. Both 4Minute and Boyfriend have embraced this concept for Volume Up and Witch, respectively.

Get the Look: Pair a flowy tulle skirt with a midriff jacket in a similar color with colorful details and heels. Put on red contact lenses for a creepier effect.

Get the Look: Stick to a black and white color scheme. The members of Boyfriend also wear Little Red Riding Hood-like capes in their teaser photos, so you can add wear one to prevent your outfit from looking too boring. Colored contact lenses and fangs complete the look.

Fairytale Fantasy

If your costume party calls for something fancier than the typical Halloween party, going as royalty is everyone’s go-to look. How about taking cue from popular fairytale characters to stand out? Oh My Girl’s Closer makes references to several fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Alice in Wonderland, while the boys of NU’EST gave knights on a quest a new look in Overcome.

Get the Look: Look like a princess in a beautiful gown, while a pair of Mary Janes will make you look innocent and are definitely easier and more comfortable to wear compared to heels.

Get the Look: Wear a suit in an unexpected color, like navy blue, and attach gold details on the jackets and white turtlenecks underneath. Go the extra mile with long ponchos with thick goggles. The compass to give to your queen is optional.

Bring Things to Life

If you feel like going the extra mile and stretching those creative muscles, try going as inanimate objects like food, robots, or – if you can pull it off – soda bottles! Go quirky like the girls of Orange Caramel, who always deliver interesting concepts and costumes. We can bet no one has made dressing up as a sushi look as stylish as they did in Catallena. Meanwhile, concept-dols VIXX made cyborgs cooler than they already are in Error.

Get the Look: Come as your favorite food in an outfit that has prints of the dish all over it. Top it off with an obnoxiously large headdress of said dish. (You get extra creativity points if your headdress is also edible).

Get the Look: All you need are all-black outfits, white contact lenses, and convincing face makeup. Don’t forget to practice your blank cyborg face to make your look more convincing.

Go Team!

Sports-themed looks are another popular choice for Halloween, especially if you have little time to prepare. They can be worn as they are, as both AOA the lacrosse players and Golden Child the baseball players do in Heart Attack and Dam Da Di, or you can add some twist by making them zombie or mummy athletes. All you need is the actual uniform of whichever sport you’re playing and you’re good to go.

Get the Look: If you don’t have access to an authentic lacrosse uniform (or the ones you have aren’t your style), you can always make your own. All you need is a short pleated skirt and a sleeveless top, paired up with your favorite sneakers, and you’re good to go! Don’t forget the lacrosse stick.

Get the Look: Admittedly, a baseball uniform is harder to imitate, but it’s still possible! If getting a baseball jersey won’t work, you can always wear a baseball jacket with white pants and tennis shoes. Don’t forget the very important baseball cap and bat.

Flashback Festivities

Lots of parties go with a blast to the past theme, which involves people dressing up in what their parents or grandparents used to wear. If this is the case for your party, your faves have you covered. Girls’ Generation’s vintage-inspired printed dresses in Lion Heart brought us back to the 1930s all the way to the 1970s. Those who grew up in the 90s can relate to having worn outfits similar to those SHINee wears in 1 of 1.

Get the Look: Floral prints, pussybow tops, and A-line dresses are skirts are the way to go here. Don’t forget the winged eyeliner to complete your overall look.

Get the Look: The most important part of the outfit would be a pair of dad jeans. In other words, these are high-waisted, light blue jeans that are usually loose-fitting. You have the option of rolling them up past your ankles, and wear them with denim jackets or wildly colored tops.


No Halloween costume recommendation list is complete without the girls of TWICE singing TT which has them dressed up in different costumes and whose music video is set in a haunted house.

So what will your Halloween party outfit be?

Clara Palma
A frustrated supermodel/ballerina/novelist who lists Super Junior, EXO, and Infinite as some of her favorite groups, Clara’s first exposure to all things Korean was through K-dramas Lovers in Paris and Goong. She is willing to talk about fashion, beauty, dance, books, all things baduy, and figure skating over a cup of tea. She co-runs a figure skating blog You Only Lutz Once with fellow KStreet contributor Bea. Check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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