From Fantasy to Reality: SF9 makes PH fans’ dreams come true

Following the dictionary definition, “fantasy” is often associated with “imagination” and oftentimes “impossible or improbable”. But for SF9 and their Filipino fans in the “Be My Fantasy” fan meeting last January 6, it was a fantasy finally turned into a reality.

Burning Performances

Being FNC Entertainment’s first dance boy group, SF9 showed pride in showcasing their coordination and dance skills. They performed a string of hits and B-sides – their debut single Fanfare, the fiery follow-up Roar, their pre-debut single K.O., the angsty Easy Love, and the fun-filled Let’s Hang Out!

Jungle GameDirty Work (originally by American singer Austin Mahone), and of course, O Sole Mio. Having nine members definitely worked to their advantage as the choreography for Jungle Game had a lot of crazy somersaults.

Their performance for Dirty Work had been a hot issue among fans as they have performed it during their US tour. Finally seeing the boys busting out some slick Michael Jackson moves was definitely a fine treat for Filipino Fantasies.

And who would not sing along to the Latin-inspired latest single, O Sole Mio? It’s an absolute bop, and the boys were absolutely stunning with those winged capes.

Fluttering Feelings

Although there was a translator on the side, we were impressed at how some of the boys can converse and read English well. (Inseong studied a year in London, while Dawon and Jaeyoon can speak the language quite well.) The boys also blurted the usual Tagalog words and phrases, but we were probably most #shookt when Hwiyoung said petmalu and lodi. (We have a hunch that FNC senior, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, taught him that.)

When the boys were asked to introduce themselves by showcasing their individual charms, we couldn’t help but laugh and be swooned as well. Youngbin and Zuho each performed a short rap; Inseong, Dawon, and Chani did aegyo while saying “mahal kita”; and Rowoon and Hwiyoung serenaded the fans with their sweet vocals. But Jaeyoon and Taeyang surely left us an impression as the former surprised us with his funny Otso-Otso dance, while Taeyang teased with his sexy dance and short cover of Justin Bieber’s If I Was Your Boyfriend.

For the first game, the fans’ knowledge of the boys was tested through X and O. Here’s what we learned about each of the members:

  • Youngbin can whistle.
  • Inseong has a mole in his left ear.
  • Jaeyoon’s shoulders are not broader than Inseong’s.
  • Dawon never bungee jumped before. (And he said that he probably can never do it.)
  • Rowoon’s hobby is not knitting.
  • Zuho can’t eat corn.
  • If Taeyang was born as a woman, he would rather date Youngbin.
  • Hwiyoung’s hands are not bigger than Taeyang’s.
  • Chani’s arm length is not longer than Youngbin’s. (But maknae Chani is still growing as per Rowoon.)

In another game, the boys were divided into three teams (Team S: Dawon, Rowoon, Youngbin; Team F: Inseong, Chani, Taeyang; Team 9: Zuho, Hwiyoung, Jaeyoon). For their first task, each team had to fulfill a Fantasy’s wish. Team S showed a cute and sexy version of Roar, Team F danced to a girl group’s song (which of course had to be AOA’s Like a Cat and Excuse Me), and Team 9 did a rap but by vocalist Jaeyoon (featuring Taeyang on beatbox). The segment was absolutely hilarious.

For their next task, they each had to shake a pedometer as many times as possible. Although the boys could play well on their own, they wouldn’t mind having extra help from a few lucky fans. Other than getting to play, the fans also had the chance to interact with them on stage. One fan was being interviewed by Inseong while Hwiyoung offered his coat to a fan to cover her legs with! (How can they be so calm?!) The boys never failed to give everyone laughs as some of the boys gave it all they got but ended up only having a low count.

In the end, Team F collectively had the highest number and the fan took home their album signed by the boys themselves on stage.

Surprises didn’t end there as a video message by SF9 Philippines was shown on screen. The boys, particularly Youngbin, were nearly moved to tears. The fans also raised up banners with the text “넌 기다릴 만한 가치가 있어.” (You are worth the wait.).

Before the night came to a close, each of the boys expressed their gratitude in starting the new year with their Filipino fans. They even hoped for another visit next time and hopefully, a longer one. Rowoon, who had to catch a plane bound for Chile for his participation in SBS’ “Law of the Jungle”, was so thankful for the fans’ energy that he will sure motivate to do his best while in the jungle. He sure felt the fans’ energy as he was so hyper throughout the whole fan meeting!

Truly it was night to remember for both SF9 and their fans. We sincerely wish that SF9 would turn their fantasy of becoming top stars into a reality.

We would like to thank IME Philippines for inviting us to cover this event.

Written by Cheska De Ocampo / Photos provided by IME Philippines

Cheska De Ocampo
Always up and about, Cheska was once asked if she always meets different people every single day. Well – not always – but almost because it is part of her job description and because she is actively involved in church. Having the opportunity to join KStreetManila, she combines two of her loves – writing and Korean culture. During her downtime (which somehow rarely happens), she is either scrolling through Twitter, writing for her blog, trying to be fit, reading a good book, or appreciating beauty and fashion.

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