Our Dream K-Pop Line-Up for the #PyeongChang2018 Ceremonies

In case you haven’t heard, South Korea will be hosting the Winter Olympics. In nine days, tens of thousands of delegates from all over the world will compete in different winter sports such as figure skating, hockey, curling, skiing, and many more.

Aside from the sports, the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies are also something to look forward to. The ceremonies involve grand performances that aim to showcase the host country’s culture. Of course, with South Korea hosting the Winter Olympics, the big question is: Will K-Pop idols be performing?

We’re not the Olympic Committee, but we took it upon ourselves to make a dream K-Pop performance lineup in the opening or closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. We also focused mainly on K-Pop idols and not on cultural performances. Also, this is is in no particular order:


“I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” from the popular drama “Goblin” may be too slow to be performed in the Olympics, but we think Ailees hit single “I Will Show You” has just the right amount of energy for the Olympic stage that will still showcase her vocal prowess.


We think it’s obligatory to invite BoA because she’s one of the idols who started K-Pop’s global popularity. We’d love to see her perform “Hurricane Venus”, “Girls on Top”, “Valenti”, or “No. 1”. Either way, we’re sure she’s going to slay with her dance moves and prove that she still lives up to her moniker, “Best of Asia.”


It won’t be a surprise if BTS gets to perform in the Olympic closing ceremonies, given how they have risen to worldwide acclaim in the past two years. (And they’re still going strong, by the way!) If they were invited, they’d surely perform their latest hits “DNA”, “MIC Drop”, the hip-hop flair in the songs bringing something different to the Olympic stage. Their performance will be sure to have everyone asking for more.


Another one of South Korea’s most popular idol groups, EXO’s presence has been constant in the Pyeongchang Olympics’ social media accounts. It makes sense that they should be one of the groups performing in the closing ceremonies. Their latest song “Power” is a motivational song in itself and is perfect to be performed in the Olympic stage. We think the catchy beats of “Growl” and “Call Me Baby” can also help bring in new fans from the Olympic delegates.


We may not have everyone in Big Bang for Pyeongchang as most of them are in the military, but we’ll gladly settle for G.Dragon as a solo artist. We think that his songs “Crayon” and “Crooked” are most suited to be performed in the Olympic closing ceremonies. Both are fun songs that will help the audience loosen up after weeks of competing and watching different sports events.



If London could bring back the Spice Girls in 2012, then South Korea can bring back the nation’s girl group for the biggest sports event they’ll ever host in this century. Of course, “Very Very Very” is the first song that came to our minds, and it’s guaranteed to give the audience LSS. We think their song “Dream Girl” has that motivational vibe going that would be perfect for the Olympic stage.


PSY brought back a resurgence of interest in K-Pop in 2012, and we won’t be surprised if he’s invited to perform in the closing ceremonies. Of course, if he’s going to perform one song in the Olympics, it would be the universally known “Gangnam Style.” In fact, we think the audience members may dance along!

Red Velvet

The host country’s top girl groups has to be part of this prestigious ceremonies, and Red Velvet is one of them. We think “Dumb Dumb” is a perfect performance for the ceremonies for its delightful, exhilarating, and catchy tune. We won’t be surprised if audience members leave the arena with the song stuck in their heads.


TWICE is one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups, and we think the energy and the catchiness of their songs will set the mood for the audience to loosen up in the Olympic closing ceremonies. If they were to perform one song in the ceremonies, we think “Cheer Up”, Korea’s national anthem of 2016, would be perfect for the occasion.


VIXX’s performance of “Shangri-La” left netizens clamoring for the group to perform in the Pyeongchang Olympic ceremonies. We won’t be surprised if they were invited; after all, VIXX always comes up with the most unique concepts for their songs. “Shangri-La” was the song that got the netizens clamoring, but we think “Dynamite” is perfect for a feel-good funky song for the audience to jam to.

Wanna One

Last but not the least, it would be a mistake not to invite the nation’s boy group to the biggest sports event in Korean history. “Pick Me,” one of Korea’s national anthems in 2017 reminds us who are the real stars of the Olympics (the athletes), while “Burn It Up” can energize the athletes to do their best in the games. If both the athletes and the audience have “Pick Me” stuck in their heads, it won’t be a surprise.


Which K-Pop idols would you like to see perform in the Olympic opening or closing ceremonies? Let us known on the comments below!

Featured photo taken from Sporting News

Bea Mandachttp://youonlylutzonce.wordpress.com/
Bea was introduced to the world of Korean culture through Full House, Jewel in the Palace, BoA, and TVXQ. She is also a fan of J-Pop, figure skating, and tennis. When not in her day job, she likes to be alone in her room or in a café with her pen and paper, or a laptop. She co-runs a figure skating blog with fellow KStreet contributor Clara. You can reach her on Twitter.

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