The Day I Met EXO Again: The Elyxion Experience

When EXO’s new tour was announced, the first thought that appeared in my mind was “FINALLY!” not because I have not seen them in a long time, but because EXO is one of those groups that are just born performers—true to their SM trademark, their concerts are always high-class.

Like the past concert, I decided to get the SM Global Package (GP) again this time. It was noticeably pricier than last time (now it is priced at $449 or about PHP 23,000 per person only if you get the cheapest twin package, and $529 or about PHP 27,000 if you get the cheapest solo package). Thankfully, I’m going with a friend so I got the cheaper option.

Pre-Concert Experience

The SM Global Package table at the hotel lobby

The hotel was unbelievably far from Gocheok Dome, and it was not a smooth-sailing ride to get there; it took an hour to go from the hotel to Gocheok Dome, too. The night before the concert, GP goers are supposed to line up at the hotel lobby to get the pre-ordered merchandise and tickets. They gave more freebies this time around, but the ticket options were not the best. It was already expected in a way, since Gocheok Dome is insanely huge. Just like during the GP tour for EXO’rDium, there was a tour bus and tour guide. For this course, however, because the hotel was far from basically everywhere, they had to squish the itinerary to go to COEX Artium then head straight to the venue. Unlike during the previous tour, there weren’t any free lunch or backstage tour. At this point, it was quite a disappointment until…

Best Concert of My Life So Far

Yeah basically this. If I had to summarize the whole concert, it’s that EXO never disappoints. You forget that your bus arrived late at the venue, and you didn’t get to go around to get freebies, you enter the concert venue and it is HEAVEN. The concert started with a VCR and the boys came out and started off strong with a crowd favorite, “The Eve.” It was so amazing how they performed song after song and didn’t do the ment until almost mid-way through the concert. They never showed a hint of tiredness and it was so admirable to watch.

The view from my seat.

My personal favorite part was definitely the bar set. I did miss the EXO’rDium’s acoustic set, but the bar more than made up for it. The boys became extra playful during “Touch It” where they were…quite literally touching each other. D.O.’s english version of “For Life” made everyone in the audience very quiet. It was quite a new experience as EXO-L crowd is known to be very loud, but there were quite a few performances where we all just listened to them sing and after they perform, there was applause. There was no other word to express it other than their performances were all majestic. Emotional was also a word that is best to describe the concert, most especially during Chanyeol’s solo performance of “Hand”, where he said “when everything is difficult, I have 8 hands that I can hold on to.”

The Real Highlight

Okay let’s be real. The real best part of the concert is Sehun’s solo performance of “Go” which he also helped write. Yes, he took of his shirt, yes it was the most significant moment of my life so far, but Sehun’s growth and effort was the real highlight of the night. Aside from that, one of the memorable performances (among many others) is the remix version of “Power.” I’m actually not sure how to express it in words, but their performance of “Power” for this concert is like how they are really giving their all to help us understand how sincere they are in saying they are cheering us on. I think this is what differs this particular concert to the ones they held before—this concert is filled with their heartfelt sincerity and emotions. That is not to say that the previous ones weren’t, all their concerts have their individual charms as well. EXO keeps improving, and the minds behind the concert should also be lauded as much.

Final Word

While talking about the concert with friends who attended the concert, we were all in agreement when we noticed that for Elyxion, the boys showed their innate sexiness—no need for grinding moves, they exude this type of charm. It’s amazing how far they have come from their first concert to this fourth one.

“EXO and EXO-L, forever shining together”


I have really nothing else to say except it has been such a pleasure to watch the concert that was built by their hard work and passion. True to their words, those who went to the concert are truly the chosen ones as they gave us a concert they thought we deserve. I honestly can’t wait what else they will offer, but since they’re EXO, I’m ready to expect the unexpected.

Aya Ople
Aya is a self-proclaimed funny person (she is). She also writes for a living and translates whenever the need calls. Aya also believes in the saying “if you’re in a bad situation today, the next one will be good for sure.”

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