WATCH: Pinay’s ‘I Can See Your Voice’ performance leaves crowd shookt

It’s no surprise that Filipinos are impressing people from all over the world with their talent, especially for singing.

The latest Filipino to make waves is Sephy Francisco, a call center agent. She represented the Philippines as a participant in “I Can See Your Voice” season 5’s premiere episode, along with contestants from “I Can See Your Voice” versions from around the world.

Sephy sang her rendition of “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. What was unique about her performance, however, was that she sang both Bocelli and Dion’s parts, switching from tenor to lyric soprano.

As expected, the guests, the tone-deaf detective team, and the audience in Korea were shookt af.

Watch their reactions here:

Sephy definitely left an unforgettable impression on “I Can See Your Voice”. Congratulations to her!

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