Most Memorable Moments in Idol Star Athletics (Lunar New Year Special)

Twice in a year, K-Pop stars come together not as performers but as athletes for the Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC). Similar to the Olympics, the Idol Star Athletics consists of different sporting events like track and field, archery, and others.

While fans have been expressing cancellations of the show due to injuries and controversies – let’s admit – there had been a lot of iconic moments through out the years. So let’s look at some of the most memorable moments (so far!) in the Lunar New Year edition of Idol Star Athletics history.

New Events (Aerobics, Gymnastics, Swimming and Futsal)


Once upon a time, there was a swimming segment in Idol Star Athletics. (Yes, some of your favorite idols were filming in the cold winter.) Although it caused quite stir because of the ladies’ possible swimwear, it secured Rainbow’s identity as water sirens. Rainbow’s Woori was a back-to-back gold medalist for 50m freestyle, while the rest of the group did synchronized swimming.


Koreans are die-hard fans of football. But since, the game can be very long and tiring, we can still get to enjoy our favorite male idols play in futsal.

If Yoon Doojoon (Highlight), Leo (VIXX), Xiumin (EXO), and Minho (SHINee) probably weren’t K-Pop stars, they would be probably sporting legends by just how great they play!


Rhythmic gymnastics was first introduced in 2016 and is now one of the most awaited events in Idol Star Athletics. Representatives from different girl groups display their dazzling grace and flexibility using various apparatus like a ribbon, a ball, or a hoop.


While the girls have rhythmic gymnastics, boy group members can showcase their teamwork, creativity and synchronization in group aerobics.

The ISAC will be introducing another sport this year, which is bowling, and we are looking forward to it!

Tzuyu’s a la Pantene commercial in Archery

Or the hair flip that’s gone viral.

All the idol friendships

We can just go on and on about this list.

BTS and GOT7

Goo Hara (KARA), Hani (EXID), Bora (Sistar)

Suho (EXO); Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo (Boyfriend); Ricky (Teen Top), and Sungjae (BTOB)

INFINITE’s Woohyun vs BAP’s Zelo epic rock-paper-scissors

It’s so epic, we were at the edge of our seats.

BTOB being… BTOB

We wonder what they have in store for this year.

That Sehun and Jeonghan Incident

It will forever go down in history.

Cheska De Ocampo
Always up and about, Cheska was once asked if she always meets different people every single day. Well – not always – but almost because it is part of her job description and because she is actively involved in church. Having the opportunity to join KStreetManila, she combines two of her loves – writing and Korean culture. During her downtime (which somehow rarely happens), she is either scrolling through Twitter, writing for her blog, trying to be fit, reading a good book, or appreciating beauty and fashion.

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