Filipino EXO-Ls line up two days ahead of concert ticketing

Some Filipino EXO-Ls are making sure they are getting the best tickets for the upcoming ElyXiOn in Manila. Several fans lined up at SM Mall of Asia as early as Friday, two days before the actual ticketing on Sunday, March 4.

Because of the early line created, fans took it upon themselves to organize by setting up markers and queuing numbers.

Some good-hearted fans gave out water bottles and crackers to those who are in line to keep them fed and hydrated.

With EXO having only a one-night schedule in Manila, a contrast to the two-night concerts of the past two years, Filipino EXO-Ls are expecting the likelihood of tickets selling out early and fast.

We hope everyone stays safe and cool in this already hot weather. Good luck to all EXO-Ls!

Featured photo taken from Twitter user @kjininihae

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