Korean Embassy to select travel agencies for tourist visa applications

If you’re planning to travel to Korea in the future, here’s a head’s up: The Korean Embassy in the Philippines will no longer be accepting walk-ins for tourist visa applications.

Instead, there will be designated travel agencies that will accept applications for temporary tourist visas.

The announcement on the Korean Embassy’s official website stated that:

“Due to increased number of temporary visitor’s visa applicants, in the near future, walk-in applicants will no longer be accepted while only designated travel agencies will be allowed to file temporary visitor’s visa application. Thus, the Korean Embassy in the Philippines is going to designate Philippine travel agencies which will be authorized to apply for temporary visitor’s visa at the Embassy.”

The embassy added that the 10 selected agencies for group visa applications were automatically included as designated travel agencies. These are:

  • Rakso Air Travel and Tours
  • Hanatour Manila
  • Island Resort Club Tour Services
  • International Journeys
  • Pan Pacific Travel Corporation
  • Rajah Travel Corporation
  • Marsman Drysdale Travel
  • Grand Hope Travel
  • Horizon Travel & Tours
  • Ark Travel Express

On June 9, the Embassy released the complete list of its designated travel agencies. Check out their announcement below.

The movement of visa application to Designated Travel Agencies were brought by the increase in number of Korean visa applicants. In 2015, there were 90,000 applications. The following year, it jumped to 120,000. In 2017, there were around 160,000 visa applications.

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