These Moments In #ElyXiOnInManila Ticketing Day Will Warm Your Heart

March 4 marked an important day for Filipino EXO-Ls. It was the day ticket sales started for ElyXiOn in Manila. In fact, many fans started lining up as early as Friday to make sure they get their preferred seats.

The day of the ticket selling is, just like EXOโ€™s album, โ€œThe Warโ€. Tickets were sold out within an hour, and while many got their preferred seats, others had to settle for the remaining available seats.

And while the day was chaotic in a way, there are some sweet instances that would somehow erase those frustrations after all the hours of lining up and waiting. Here are some of them:

1. Some EXO-Ls gave food and water to fellow EXO-Ls who lined up. How sweet!




2. Even fans of BTS came to support EXO-Ls!

3. How to have parents like these po?

4. The kindness of strangers is heartwarming.

5. Best Customer Service Award goes to SM Makati.

Were you able to get your preferred tickets to ElyXiOn in Manila? What was your ticketing experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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