6 Songs to Get You Ready for ElyXiOn in Manila

It’s just one more day before we see EXO! One of South Korea’s top idol groups will be coming to the Philippines for the Manila leg of their concert tour, The ElyXiOn. And if the past EXO concerts are anything to go by, expect a night of fun, energy, and love from the boys. Here are some EXO songs to ready your feels for April 28:

1. Ko Ko Bop

Just in time for summer in the Philippines, Ko Ko Bop’s energetic reggae melody will kick off your excitement for the concert. And like it or not, you will dance along once the beat drops and EXO sings “It goes down, down baby.” Trust us.

2. Growl

As one of EXO’s best songs, it’s no surprise that Growl is one of the group’s staples in their concert setlists. Even if this was released five years ago, the catchy pop and R&B tunes will still cause LSS among EXO-Ls. And remember Sehun’s “E-X-O”? Classic.

3. Call Me Baby

Call Me Baby is reminiscent of 90s/2000s boy band music. But in true EXO fashion, this song comes with with bigger beats and more hooks.

4. Lucky One

Perhaps one of the group’s underrated title tracks, Lucky One has more of a funk influence amidst heavy synth. Yes, dancing along is inevitable.

5. Power

We’re not going to get a repeat of EXO’s epic performance in the Olympics closing ceremony. Still, this energy-boosting song will definitely have you singing and dancing along.

6. Don’t Go


It may not be a title track, but Don’t Go is in the list because it tugs at the heartstrings of EXO-Ls. No heavy synth or autotune, just the boys’ raw voices singing about being in love.

Which EXO song are you excited to be performed in ElyXiOn in Manila? Let us know in the comments below!

ElyXiOn in Manila is happening on April 28 at the Mall of Asia Arena. This event is brought to you by PULP Entertainment.

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