LOOK: This K-Pop idol looks like Liza Soberano

Since their debut in 2016, MOMOLAND has captured the attention of many K-Pop fans not just for their talent and catchy tunes, but also for their stunning visuals.

One member, in particular, has caught the attention of Filipino fans for looking like one of the country’s actresses.

That member is MOMOLAND’s maknae and visual, Nancy. And has many netizens have pointed out, she bears a striking resemblance to Liza Soberano.

In Nancy’s recent Facebook Live with fellow members Daisy and Ahin, several Filipino Merry-Go-Rounds start commenting about Nancy’s look-alike. This, of course, piqued the maknae’s curiosity and caused Daisy to Google a picture of Liza.

Watch Nancy’s reaction at 11:57 here!


It was the first time Nancy saw Liza’s picture, and it was obvious that she was amazed at the resemblance.

Other than this discovery, MOMOLAND members felt the love from Filipino fans during their live stream. They expressed their interest of visiting the country someday.

If MOMOLAND does visit the Philippines, there’s no doubt their fans will petition for Nancy to meet Liza!

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