10 Things to Remember About SHINee

It’s been ten years since SHINee swept the K-Pop world with their debut song, Replay. Since then, we’ve watched Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin grow from wide-eyed boys to one of the most respected seniors among idol groups. And despite the cutthroat nature of the industry, the group continues to make waves in many ways, from their music to their choreography and to their interactions as a group. Here at KStreetManila, we list some of the many things we (and hopefully Shawols) love about these five boys:

1. Their Versatile Music

Since their debut, SHINee has released the most popular and most catchy songs in the K-Pop industry. We were blessed with their sweet R&B debut song Replay, the highly addictive dance track Ring Ding Dong, their 90’s reminiscent 1 of 1, and so much more. Each SHINee comeback brings a welcome surprise, and they slay these songs no matter what the genre.

2. Their Solid Dance Moves

There’s no denying that SHINee is one of the most solid K-Pop dance groups to ever exist. From jaw-dropping moves in Lucifer to complex formations in Everybody, they handle those hard-hitting moves as effortlessly as possible. And with their synchronization, SHINee has everything to always deliver jaw-dropping performances.

3. Their Fashion

Besides having catchy songs and solid dance moves, K-Pop idols are known for experimenting with different kinds of concepts. Back when SHINee debuted, they brought the colored skinny jeans craze to South Korea with the media dubbing this as the “SHINee trend.” And while many trends come and go, the group seems to pull off different fashion and hairstyles, even the most daring ones.

4. Their Professionalism

Ever since they were just starting in 2008, SHINee has been praised by fans, fellow groups, and industry veterans alike for their professionalism on- and offstage. As individuals and as a group, they also seem to handle stressful situations with grace. One such instance was when Minho’s mic stand broke in the middle of their performance of Dream Girl. Instead of throwing the broken prop away, the group managed to discard it as flawlessly as possible without anyone noticing. It’s as if the whole process was part of the choreography.

5. Their Breakthroughs

With SHINee’s talent, it’s no surprise that they get credit where it is due. Since their debut, they were given the Best Newcomer Award in the 2008 Golden Disk Awards. After that, they’ve won countless awards for their music and their outstanding choreography. That, and they have won numerous first-place finishes in music shows. It just goes to show that a talented group such as SHINee gets the recognition they deserve.

6. Their Extra-ness

But beyond the amazing dance moves and mind-blowing music, SHINee is never afraid to show their uncool and dorky sides. From making the funniest faces to being just dorks, their extra moments are enough to bring a smile to Shawols’ faces.

7. Their Interactions With Fans

It’s one thing for idols to say “I love you!” to their fans, but it’s another thing when they show their love and care beyond the fan service. SHINee has proven time and again that they genuinely love and care for their fans. Some of their memorable fan interactions were: dancing along to the Ring Ding Dong flashmob, Jonghyun giving words of encouragement to a fan, and making sure their fans weren’t hurt after an accident. The list goes on and on.

8. Their Advocacies

It’s heartwarming to know that idols go above and beyond their role as entertainers. Whether as individuals or as part of a group, SHINee has contributed to numerous advocacies. They’ve made donations to several causes such as the Korean Heart Association, the Animal Freedom Union, and UNICEF, among others. Minho, meanwhile, served as an ambassador for different UNICEF causes. And, of course, there was Jonghyun, who was an active supporter of the LGBT community even if he received backlash.

9. Their Individual Successes

SHINee’s members have proved that they can be successful even outside the group. Since they debuted, they have branched out to dabble in solo projects and find their specialty as individuals. Onew found his specialty in acting and musicals; Jonghyun was a successful singer/songwriter, radio host, writer; Key starred in musicals and became a fashion designer; Minho found his specialty in acting and hosting; and Taemin has a successful solo career.

10. Their Love for Each Other

The members have confirmed it time and again that their relationship goes beyond colleagues. In fact, they consider themselves more as brothers. Maybe it’s the fact that they have known each other for a long time and that they have had their share of ups and downs. Either way, their strong relationship certainly shows, from the way they talk about each other in interviews to the support they give each other in individual events.

Happy 10th debut anniversary to SHINee! What is your favorite SHINee moment? Let us know in the comments below.

The collage of SHINee’s fashion trends are from Oddness/Weirdness

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