7 Super Junior Songs to Hype Us Up for #SS7Manila

Filipino ELFs, new fans or tito and tita alike, have waited too long. But as an old saying goes, kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga. And finally, the wait has paid off. Super Junior is coming back on June 30 at the SM Mall of Asia for their seventh concert tour, Super Show 7! Less than a week is left before the much awaited idol-fans reunion happens so here are seven songs to get us a lot more excited for Saturday:



A rather experimental vibe for Super Junior, Mamacita is a funky yet sophisticated song to get the hype. Not to mention the catchy “Ayaya” in the chorus that gets us singing along? This definitely goes in our #SS7Manila playlist

Mr. Simple


Another funky song reminiscent of their repetitive chorus trademark like in Sorry Sorry and Bonamana, Mr. Simple is a bop not to miss. Alright? Alright!



Oh boy, Bonamana is that one song! Powerful dance, heavy drums, and a catchy chorus. Bounce to you, bounce to you? Hell yeah, sure!

Twins (Knock Out)


Alright yes, let’s not talk about the hair and focus on the music. Not only does it remind us of the strong rock vibe of the 90s pop but it also brings us back to the debut days of the boys! It won’t hurt getting a bit of nostalgia for a hype playlist, right?

Black Suit


You think this playlist comes without at least one of their latest songs? Nah uh. Also, you cannot not love the mature and fine style in this song and music video, too.

Sorry Sorry


The song that propelled them to heights! The song that every single K-Pop group has to dance. A legend!

No Other


One of the sweetest songs to be released with a music video, this really makes every ELFs’ hearts flutter! It may be eight years old but it will never get old. Besides, to Super Junior, there is no other but their ELFs, right?

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